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Online casinos are totally dependent on the casino software designers

By admin on 2018-01-06 11:27:06

In the face of the rapid development of computers, Tablets and smart phones it would be very easy to forget that none of these devices would serve any useful purpose without effective operating software. We can see and admire the skill of the engineers who have designed and refined the equipment and made these computers small enough for us to carry around, but we should also think about and praise the software developers who have also continually improved how the hardware works. Most of us are aware of the operating software such as Windows which manages all the functions on our computer or portable devices, but that is not the only important software we need. Every internet site has been designed by a software engineer, and most of them also require efficient management software to interact with their customers, particularly when that interaction is financial. The online casinos which we all love are even more dependent on the casino software designers, because almost all the casino games featured on those sites have been supplied by specialist online casino software companies. Even the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack rely on the casino software to provide the graphics which allow us to play online, but the slots games which now make up by far the biggest share of the casino games on every online casino site are almost all totally down to the imagination and expertise of the casino software designers. As online gambling has developed from the early sports gambling sites established by the big bookmakers through to the specialist online casinos we can access today, the casino software companies have become more and more important to the success of online gambling overall. A few of these software companies such as Playtech have become almost as big as some of the bookmakers who started it all almost twenty years ago. We have already commented that every internet site dealing with the public and handling financial transactions must have effective software which provides the customer with a safe and secure environment for their personal information, and when the bookmakers began their online sports gambling sites that was the primary function of the software they chose to use. However when they decided to try to maximise the returns from their investment by introducing a few casino games their demands on the software companies became far more complicated. The successful casino software companies were those that were able to adapt to those new demands quicker than their rivals. It is also true that the most successful of the major online gambling site operators were those which chose the right casino software suppliers when they first went online. William Hill for instance in the very early days chose to use software supplied by Playtech, which proved to be an excellent decision as Playtech began to dominate the market and now also supply casino games to both Ladbrokes and Betfred. Ireland’s favourite bookmaker, Paddy Power on the other hand chose to cooperate with a software company called Wagerworks, which again proved to be a good decision because for many years they were the only online casino offering slots games from Wagerworks and could therefore claim to offer exclusive games. We understand that some slots games from Wagerworks can nowadays also be found at the 888 casino.

The huge success of Playtech in the online casino software sector was due in no small part to the licensing agreements they were able to sign with the major media giants Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. These agreements enabled Playtech to design and supply slots games featuring popular film and cartoon characters without infringing on copyrights, a situation which led to their slots games becoming some of the most popular of those available online, and persuading other online casino operators to want a share of those games. The online casinos operated by Paddy Power and Ladbrokes were undoubtedly the most popular online casinos in Ireland during the early years because both of these bookmakers had a very strong high street presence across most of the country, but we now have access to a number of new specialised online casinos which are proving very competitive in the sector. The All Irish casino for instance has a very exciting range of casino slots games supplied by another casino software company by the name of NetEntertainment or NetEnt for short. NetEnt is the biggest casino software supplier in Scandanavia and is highly respected across the online casino sector, particularly for the quality of their graphics. They also supply the All Irish casino with some excellent and unusual slots games, and more recently they have also supplied some of their casino games to the Casinoland site. Casinoland is just one of a number of new online casinos which have recently come on stream and are now available to Irish casino games fans. Along with Yako and Instacasino they have accessed casino slots games from a number of different casino software suppliers, including Microgaming which was one of the first casino software companies to develop a range of slots games for the online casino market. Another casino software company with a significant presence in the online casino sector is the Canadian company Chartwell Technology. The Bwin casino currently offers casino games supplied by Chartwell but they may be better known for their recently agreed licensing deal with the betting exchange operator Betfair.

Some of these casino software companies, including Wagerworks for instance started life as slot machine manufacturers before moving into the online casino sector. Amatic Industries is another very well-known slot machine manufacturer with an extremely popular following within the slot machine fan base, and they have now finally allowed some of their iconic slots games to be made available online. The new CasinoCasino site features a whole range of slots games from the Amatic Industries range and it is the first time these games have been available at an online casino. We are of course huge fans of playing casino games online, but without these casino software designers the games would be far less interesting.