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Welcome to the Irish casino news page where we post news articles that we think might be interesting to the Irish public or where the story in question is specific to an Irish institution. We search the press and other sources to find out what is happening in the world of online casinos and gambling in general and then write articles to keep you our customers abreast of happening s in the gambling world. Our news is not restricted to online casinos or even land based casino but gambling in general as we believe our customers will be interested in all forms of gambling. We try to report news from over the world whether it is about openings, closures, cheating or big wins, as long as it might be interesting it is in there. Prominent in the casino news world right now is legislation; internet technology in many countries is able to bring online gambling to a many more people but some countries do not have legislation that is ready for that. There are also state owned gambling establishments in some countries whose governments object to overseas based online casinos muscling in and surprisingly this is still an issue in Europe today.

The USA is still the country with most gamblers although it is expected that China will overtake in the foreseeable future provided of course that legislation allows and it is from the US that a lot of the casino news comes. But of course even in the United States current regulations prevent online casinos from operating or to be more accurate prevent American punters from participating in online casinos. As already stated China will become the biggest user of online casinos one day but right now that is illegal and they have to restrict themselves to the gambling centres of Macau and Singapore. Only general Irish casino news will appear on this page but we have a page for each of the bookmakers we recommend at online so news about a single bookmaker can be found on the page relating to that bookmaker. If you need a specific Irish casino news article or you want to know whether there has been a previous article in the Irish casino news type a keyword into our search section and it will take you to any relevant casino news article whether it is an Irish casino news story or not.

Another way is to browse through previous articles which are listed by year and month. Irish casino news can be less than exciting at times especially when legislation is the topic but we do our best to make them easy to read so entertainment as well as information is key with a bit of humour thrown in on occasions. As we are not a casino operator we are free to have an unbiased opinion about many things; Irish casinos and other online operators publish their own news but it is always biased to show themselves in a good light (we wouldn’t expect anything less of course) but we have no axe to grind and we are free to criticise (within legal limits of course) if we feel it justified. Sometimes we might give a brief opinion at the end of an Irish casino news article but we are of course willing to remark on what we think is good practice from Irish casinos. We do recommend Irish online casinos as well as non Irish casinos but we are not indebted to them in any way so if we think any one of them is not playing the game in the way it should be played they will be removed from our recommended list. There will be occasions when a new online casino site is brought to our attention (in fact there was a new Irish casino site announced in 2009) and if we think that that site warrants our recommendation we shall add it to our list. Irish casino news and casinos in Ireland are big subjects and there is something happening every day so we cannot cover everything so if we miss something please accept our apologies.

Some of our news will not be about Irish casinos but about various sports betting but we have no page dedicated to sports so if it concerns Irish sports the article may appear on this Irish casino news page. Another service we sometimes supply is for big sporting events where we examine the odds offered by the online casinos that we recommend to see who is offering the best odds. Invariably we find that a casino in Ireland even an Irish based online casino will not offer the best odds on an Irish team or participant and if you are going to gamble you may as well do so as much in your favour as possible so you may have to go to a non Irish casino to make more money. The only way to keep abreast of what is happening in the Irish casino world is to keep visiting our site on a regular basis.


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