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Welcome to the general online casino news page where we post all manner of news articles that we think might be interesting to people like yourself who have found our online casino site and are therefore interested in gambling. To write our casino news articles we scour the press and other sources to find out what is going on in the world of online casinos and gambling in general so that you can find it all in one place. We do not restrict ourselves to online casino news or even land based casino news as most of our customers will be interested in many forms of gambling. We try to report news about casinos from all corners of the earth whether it is about openings, closures, cheating or big wins, if we think it might be interesting it is in there. Legislation is also prominent in the casino news world at this time as the advance in internet technology in many countries is bringing online gambling to a much wider audience but not all countries have legislation that is prepared for that. Many countries also have state owned gambling establishments and they do not take kindly to overseas based online casinos taking a hold, even in Europe this is an issue. The largest gambling country is the USA and it is from there that a lot of the casino news comes but with current regulations preventing online casinos from operating or rather preventing US players from playing most online casino news is from other countries. China will someday become the biggest user of online casinos but right now that is illegal and they have to restrict themselves to the gambling centers of Macau and Singapore.

News about a specific single bookmaker will be found on the page relating to that bookmaker if it is one that we recommend otherwise it will be here on the general casino news page. The best way to find news about a specific topic is to type a keyword into our search section and it will take you to any relevant casino news article. Alternatively you can view previous articles or choose a year and month. We try to keep our articles factual but at the same time easy to read and where possible light humoured; online casino news can at times be quite dull especially when legislation is the topic but we do our best to entertain as well as inform. We do not operate a casino ourselves which leaves us free to criticise those that do (within legal limits of course) if we feel it warranted. At the same time we will often give a brief opinion at the end of an online casino news article and we are of course willing to praise what we think is good behaviour from gaming operators. Not operating a casino also means that we can do casino news stories freely without fear of repercussions; we recommend a few online casinos but we are not tied to them, in fact if we think any one of them is behaving in an improper manner we shall remove them from our recommended list. On the other side of the coin we will on occasions add a casino site that we think warrants it. Online casino news and casino news are big subjects with something happening every day so we cannot cover everything so if we miss something please accept our apologies. Sports betting is also big business in today’s world so some of our news will be about various sports betting but as we have no sports news page they will appear here on the Casino news page. For big sporting events we sometimes trawl around various betting firms for you to find the best odds available, if you are going to gamble you may as well do so as much in your favour as possible. Keep visiting our site on a regular basis and we shall keep you up to date with casino news from around the globe.


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