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The success of an online casino is dependent on the casino software

By admin on 2016-10-15 10:29:22

The internet is now so important in our lives that one of the biggest complaints we hear from businesses and consumers alike is that the broadband speed is too slow. We are no longer limited to accessing the internet through a PC, large numbers of us carry mobile phones or tablets almost everywhere we go so that all we need to access the internet is a good Wi Fi signal. Very few businesses can survive nowadays without an internet presence of some sort even if they do not sell directly through their website, but for any business that is attempting to sell goods or services to the public an attractive well managed website is essential. Not only does a retail website need to display the product in an attractive way, the site has to be easy to navigate and of course most important of all it must have all the necessary financial safeguards and data protection systems. The quality of all of these features is totally dependent on the quality of the software used to design and manage the site. In many respects online casinos are not very different from most online retail businesses, in that they offer a product which they hope will appeal to as broad a range of customers as they can reach, and their income is generated solely through their website so their financial management systems must be absolutely spot on. Where online casinos do differ from online retailers however is in the presentation of the product and indeed in the product itself. The software used on a normal online retailer’s site has no input into the product being promoted, whereas the product featured on an online casino site is of course the range of casino games they offer, and most of those games are designed and presented by the online casino software suppliers. As a result the quality of the casino software used by any online casino operator is far more important to the success of the business than the software used by an online retailer. Even the popularity of traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, none of which are actually designed by the casino software supplier, can nevertheless be influenced by the quality of the casino software graphics and how the games are presented. The biggest influence of the casino software supplier is however in the range of slots games featured on almost every online casino site. These games are where the specialist casino software companies can be so important to the success of a particular online casino site. Not only do they design most of the slots games, they are also responsible for negotiating any copyright issues that arise when designing games based on popular films, television programmes or cartoon characters, and usually hold the necessary licences issued by the big media companies who own the rights.

When the first online casinos were introduced by the big bookmakers as add-ons to their online sports gambling sites, the need for efficient and innovative casino software created an entirely new business sector and many of the casino software suppliers have become very big and successful companies in their own right, none more so than Playtech. Playtech was founded in 1999 and from being one of the first online casino software suppliers has grown to what is now undoubtedly the dominant force in the online casino software sector. One of the biggest reasons for their success was the contracts they were able to negotiate with Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment which enabled them to design and supply slots games based on very popular films and cartoon characters on an exclusive basis. The power and influence of Playtech on the online casino software sector is still very obvious, and Playtech casino software is currently used by many big online casino operators such as William Hill, Betfred, Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

Fortunately Playtech are not totally dominant and one of Ireland’s biggest and most popular online casino operators, Paddy Power has chosen to work with another well-established casino software supplier Wagerworks. This is a company that started as a subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, one of the major slot machine manufacturers, but is now a totally independent company focusing solely on the supply of online casino software. Slots games supplied by Wagerworks can also be found on the 888 online casino site and the Bet365 casino.

As we have already stressed these casino software companies have become one of the most important elements of the success of online casinos all over the world, and many are international companies. Chartwell for instance is a Canadian company listed on the Toronto stock exchange, and is licenced to supply online casino software to almost every regulated gambling market in the world. Of the online casinos listed on our recommended list, Chartwell currently supply the casino software for the Bwin casino and have recently signed a deal with the betting exchange operator Betfair to supply gaming systems.

Another of the big online casino software suppliers represented as a supplier to the online casinos on our recommended list is NetEntertainment, or NetEnt for short. This is the casino software supplier for another of our popular Irish online casino operators, the All Irish casino. NetEnt is a Swedish company which again focuses solely on the design and supply on online casino software, and their range of casino games is certainly proving a success at the All Irish casino. Some of the NetEnt casino games can also be found at the new CasinoLand site.

The newest online casinos to become available in Ireland is where we will also find casino games supplied by some of the other specialist casino software supply companies. Microgaming for instance was actually one of the first online casino software suppliers and were responsible for the software which first enabled us to play roulette, blackjack and craps in the download format. Another well-known company which has recently made an entry to the online casino market is Amatic Industries. This is a company which has been manufacturing and supplying slot machines all around the world, but their hugely popular slots games have only just become available online, curtesy of the new CasinoCasino site.