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Welcome to our online casino tips page where we pass on all sorts of tips designed to help you get more out of your gambling experience and hopefully more out of your money. There are no tips that will guarantee that you win and anybody who says there are is misleading you and probably trying to sell you something. If somebody really did find a foolproof system of winning they would almost certainly not be telling somebody else about it. As well as giving you positive casino tips we also try to explode some of the myths for you. One of the most common myth is the “doubling up” system that can be used for many casino games such as roulette for example. The system says that by backing one of two options (in roulette that would be black/red or odd/even), if you lose you double your bet and if you lose again you double your bet again and so on until eventually you win. Of course that is fine in theory and we cannot argue against the mathematics but if you start with a bet of €1 and you lose 10 times you have lost over €1000 and your next bet has to be €2000 just to win back your original €1. Most people who have €2000 to place a bet will not start with a €1 bet so you will probably be betting way above your comfort zone which is another online casino tip. But, say some, what are the odds of ten blacks/reds coming up in succession? The answer to that is it is a very slim chance but after 9 have come up already the chances of the tenth is 50/50 (actually in roulette it isn’t due to the zero) so in the above example what you are actually doing is betting €1000 to win €1 on a 50/50 chance. Good odds?

Our online casino tips will not guarantee a win but there are things you can do to improve your chances and it is all about understanding chance, probability and risk but don’t worry we are not about to get into a maths lesson. We have tips on all sorts of games and we are continually adding to them but if you want to know whether we have covered a particular game already, type the game into our search box and hit enter. Our online casino tips not only cover individual games but also some general advice about gambling in an online casino or in some cases any casino. Some of these might sound simple like take it easy on the alcohol if you are gambling for serious money. Another tip points out the difference between an online casino and a land based casino. In a land based casino you have made some effort to get there and you are probably going to be there for a while whereas in an online casino you can dip in and out when you like for as long as you like. If after ten minutes in a land based casino you have doubled your money, which is quite feasible, what do you do? Probably the last thing you do is stop playing because you have made all the effort to get there and ten minutes is not long enough but if you have doubled your money in an online casino in ten minutes you should seriously consider banking some if not all of your profits. The odds are always in the favour of the casino so the longer you play the more likely you are to lose. This online casino tip is more thought provoking than definite advice.

In some more of our online casino tips we urge you to watch out for casino bonuses. There is nothing wrong with a casino bonus, all casinos offer a joining bonus for first time players and most will at some time offer bonuses for existing players but the important thing is to understand the terms and conditions attached. It is always fun to play with somebody else’s money but don’t think you can make a quick buck and run off with the profits because you will be disappointed; it doesn’t work that way. We are independent from any casino and we would like you to win so please read and enjoy our online casino tips and hopefully you will get more enjoyment out of your time spent in, hopefully, one of the online casinos that we recommend.


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