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Online casino bonuses may not be as good as they seem

By admin on 2015-08-14 12:56:55

From time to time here at we like to offer a few online casino tips to help our readers get the best from their casino games playing experience and avoid some of the potential problems associated with playing casino games online. This month we are going to concentrate on the second of these objectives and take a look at the welcome bonus offers you will find at almost every online casino site. Most online casinos nowadays are operated by leading bookmakers as part of an online sports gambling site, so we must differentiate between the welcome bonuses relating to sports gambling and those offered on the online casino part of the site. A welcome bonus on a sports gambling site is usually straightforward and simply enables a new customer to either double their first bet or have a free bet, with no strings attached. The welcome bonuses offered to new online casino games players are however usually very different. Most of these welcome bonuses take the form of a promise to match the first account deposit with a 100% bonus, effectively doubling the stake money available to play their casino games. On the face of it such an offer would be hard to turn down, but it is not as simple as it may seem when you examine the terms and conditions attached to almost all of these welcome bonuses. The most important of these terms and conditions to understand is the play-through requirement. This defines how much money a new casino games player needs to stake before any money can be taken from the account, and in some cases can be as high as twenty or more times the initial deposit plus the bonus. There may also be a time limit associated with the play-through and even a restriction on which casino games actually qualify for the play-through. If you understand the terms and conditions and they suit your individual requirements then the welcome bonuses can indeed be generous, but remember that they are optional and may not be the best way to select an online casino to play your casino games.