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Every online casino has a host of different games from slots (or one armed bandits as they were previously known) through various poker games, skill games, games of pure luck and of course the more traditional table games of which the best known are probably roulette and blackjack.
This casino games page will only focus on those most popular games which you can find in all or nearly all online casinos. Slot machines vary so much from casino to casino that it is impossible to give an explanation on this page but fortunately every online casino that we recommend has an explanation of the rules, win lines, stakes etc of each machine on their site.


A game that really couldn’t be much simpler, you stake your money on a number or series of numbers and if one of them comes up you win, simple as that. It only gets complicated when you look at all the possibilities there are to place bets. You can for instance bet on the winning number being red or black, odd or even, in a particular column on the table, being a large or small or intermediate number as well as combinations of numbers on the wheel or on the board and each bet has its own fixed odds to determine the payout. We started by saying Roulette is simple and it really is if you always keep to your own way of betting but it is good to know the other possible bets even if you never use them. We have a full explanation of all possible bets in Roulette and how to play in our game rules section. Go to our Game Rules page for Roulette.


Previously known as Pontoon or the French” vingt et un” (21 to you and me), Blackjack is one of the oldest games around and one of the most simple to play. You are playing against the dealer whether you are playing online or in an actual casino but your advantage is that you know what the dealer is going to do in every instance because they have to follow strict rules. At the start of the Blackjack game you are dealt two cards to which you can add if you so wish and the idea is to get a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding 21. The dealer will always take additional cards until 17 or more is reached at which point it will stop. Although Blackjack is a simple game there are various ways of betting and various ways of playing certain hands all of which is explained in our game rules section. Go to our Game Rules page for Blackjack.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Poker is one of the most played and most popular card games around. Tournaments are organised in all corners of the world sometimes with very large amounts of money up for grabs; so much so that we now have professional poker players who make a living from the game. Caribbean Stud however is a different variant from the traditional game which can appeal to certain gamblers. One of the main differences is that there is no bluffing in this game. Certain people are good at bluffing but others are not; if you are not then this could be the game for you. The second difference is that in Caribbean Stud Poker you are playing against the dealer not against other players at the table. This means that you determine your own stakes and cannot be dragged higher by someone who has more cash at the table than you. If you would like to know more about Caribbean Stud Poker go to our game rules page where everything is explained. Go to our Game Rules page for Caribbean Stud Poker.

Casino Slots

Casino slot machines, also known as ’slots’, are extremely popular in online casinos as well as pubs and clubs everywhere. Previously these machines were known as “one armed bandits” as they had a handle on the side that had to be pulled to start each spin; the handle had long since disappeared and Electronics has taken over. Another previous name is the “fruit machine”; this name stems from the fact that all symbols on the machines were fruit and indeed on some machines the symbols still are but today symbols can be an enormous variety of things. They are easy amusement and can sometimes pay out large sums of cash especially if linked to other machines in a progressive jackpot. Every machine is different in appearance and there is an enormous range of combinations of number of reels and number of winning lines also complicated by different “wild symbols” (symbols that can be substituted for others like a joker in cards), free spins and so on. You can generally play these machines for quite low stakes per line but if you are betting on multiple lines per spin it can add up and often the really big jackpots are only paid out if you are playing for maximum stakes. There is no real advice about how to play these machines, it is all down to luck but you should watch out for the average payout which can vary substantially. A good machine will have an average payout of over 92% but some machines especially in clubs and pubs will be as low as 70%. Online machines usually have a better payout than land based machines. For more information on the history of slots go to our Game Rules page for Casino Slots.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo is growing rapidly in popularity in online casinos and indeed it is an enjoyable form of gambling that can be played for very low stakes. The game has been around for many many years and was even a Childs game known as “lotto”. Bingo really came into its own in the Bingo Halls and was predominantly played by women. A good Bingo caller was a good job in those days and you had to know all the slang for the numbers (legs eleven, two fat ladies 88 etc). Although still in existence Bingo Halls are falling in popularity with the smoking ban and online bingo being cited as reasons. Online Bingo is of course attractive as you do not need to leave your own home to play and with chat features being added you can even enjoy the comraderie. Games are usually available all day long and the choice of rooms in which to play is usually governed by the number of balls in the game and the stakes you are playing for. Simple and fun. Go to our Game Rules page for Online Bingo.


Keno is a fairly new addition in this country but has been around for many years in the United States, believed to have been brought there by Chinese immigrants. It is really another variation of Bingo or indeed lotteries whereby you are betting on certain numbers coming up in a draw. There are 80 numbers to choose from in Keno and 20 numbers are drawn each game. There is no skill involved as it is pure luck but there are one or two things that you need to watch out for in the online version which we cover in our game rules section. Most online casinos these days offer the game Keno and it is possible to win substantial amounts of money if you are really lucky. Go to our Game Rules page for Keno.


Baccarat is one of those games that has been shrouded in mystery for a long time in casinos due to the fact that the tables are set away from other casino games and the minimum stakes tend to be prohibitive for the average gambler. It is also known as Punto Banco which relates to the two main bets in the game, namely betting on the player (Punto) to win or the bank (Banco). Online casinos have changed all that and Baccarat is now accessible to all level of stakes. Despite the reputation Baccarat is very easy to play as you have only three possible bets; player, bank or tie and let’s face it there are not many games that you can make money if the bank wins the hand. The counting of the game is a little mysterious, probably deliberately, but as the dealer has to follow strict rules about what to do in all circumstances you don’t actually have to understand it. We would recommend that you try to understand it however as it adds excitement to the game; you can read the detail of Baccarat in our game rules pages. Go to our Game Rules page for Baccarat.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is the most popular and most played poker game in the World. Most of the tournaments and TV coverage concerns this game. The rules are simple as the idea is to make the best 5 card poker hand that you can from 7 that are available (two you have in your hand that only you know what they are and 5 others that are face up on the table). The complexity and intrigue of Texas Hold’em comes in the betting where there is so much room for bluff and counter bluff that good players can win with poor hands. This is a game that can be played for very high stakes and indeed many poker players make a living from it but it can also be played for very low stakes which makes it attractive to players of all abilities. Our game rules page explains all you need to know about the rules of Texas Hold’em to get you started but only experience will teach you how to win. Go to our Game Rules page for Texas Holdem Poker.

Let it Ride Poker

Let it Ride is another variation of poker and it is comparatively new only having been introduced to casinos around 1993. If you are starting out at poker this is a good way of sorting out which are good hands and which are not. There is no bluffing involved and you are playing against the dealer rather than other players so you know the stakes you are playing for and cannot be bid up by others as is the case in Texas Hold’em. There are also few decisions to be made in Let it Ride so it is quick to understand what is happening. A full explanation is given on our game rules page but this game is to be recommended. Go to our Game Rules page for Let it Ride Poker.

Red Dog

We have no idea where the name Red Dog comes from and we can see no relationship between the name and the game. Previously known under other names such as Acey- Duecy or In Between, it is an extremely simple game requiring no tactics, just luck. Rarely found in land based casino these days it can be found in online casino readily. It is a fast and furious game in which you are dealt two cards face up and you win if the third card dealt to you is in between the other two other wise you lose. The are some other little intricacies concerning what happens if you are dealt two cards of the same value and there are a couple of decisions to be made about to increase your stake or not but it remains a simple game. You can find a full explanation in out game rules pages. Go to our Game Rules page for Red Dog.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese dice game and is also known as Hi –Lo. In a land based casino it is played on a brightly lit table with many players placing bets simultaneously but fortunately in an online casino it is much more peaceful and you have time to look at what is happening. The table to place your bets on is still there and although it looks very complicated at first you will soon get the hang of it. The Sic BO game is simple enough in that three dice are rolled and you bet on the outcome. With three dice being used there are 216 possible outcomes. A simple bet might be for example big or small ( betting that the sum of the three dice is over 10 or 10 and under) or a high odds bet could be for example on 3 sixes coming up. There are many ways to bet all of which are covered in our game rules page but it remains a quick and easy game. Go to our Game Rules page for Sic Bo.

Big Wheel

Big Wheel, also known as the wheel of fortune has been around for a long time but is not so popular as it was. The game is simple enough as you have a wheel with 52 segments each of which contains one of seven different numbers or symbols and you bet on which symbol or number the pointer is at when the wheel stops spinning. Some symbols appear in more segments of the wheel than others and it is this that determines the odds you get if you win. Big Wheel could not be simpler and the rules are explained in our game rules page. Go to our Game Rules page for Big Wheel.


Backgammon is a fast moving dice game whose origins are believed to go back as far as 3000BC. Only two players can play at any one time which makes Backgammon ideal for the games of skill sections of online casinos. Of course being a dice game there is an element of luck involved but there is also plenty of room for tactics and strategies as you move your checkers around the game board. Despite that, the rules of Backgammon are straightforward but again it is one of those games where you are wise to start playing for small stakes until you build up you experience. Full rules of Backgammon are contained in our game rules pages. Go to our Game Rules page for Backgammon.

3 Card Brag

3 Card Brag is believed to originate in the 16th century and is played extensively in India and Nepal. It was very popular in the gambling clubs of the 1960s. Poker has taken over to a large degree but some online casinos still offer 3 card brag as an alternative. Being played with only three cards it is similar to draw poker but much simpler and it still maintains the bluffing element which keeps the excitement going. There are also limits on the size of bets that can be placed on each hand which can be an advantage as you know your maximum exposure. If you enjoy Poker you will enjoy 3 card brag and you can find all the rules on our game rules pages. Go to our Game Rules page for Three Card Brag.

This was selection of the most popular casino games available in online casino today. There are of course many more that we have not gone into but there should be plenty here to keep you entertained for a while. We hope that our explanations help you win so the best of luck.