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The latest development in the world of online casinos is live dealer casino also known as live online casino. This has been developed to counter the argument that online casinos using Random Number Generators are unfair or biased and there are of course also people who like to see real cards being dealt or the actual ball bouncing around on the roulette table. Live dealer casino does take away the fear of random number generators but there is no real substitute for actually being in the same room as the dealer and actually seeing the cards or the spin of the wheel. Live dealer casino is a way of using actual cards or roulette wheel without the customer being present in the same room. This is done by having casino games in a room with dealers present who are actually spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards as in a normal land based casino and the whole thing is being transmitted via live webcams onto your computer screen. The quality of the streaming is dependent upon your own broadband speed ( it is not recommended for non broadband speeds). The casino games are not located in an actual casino despite the fact that some casinos call their rooms casinos; the difference being that the casino games are set up solely for the purpose of being filmed for live dealer casino and there is no public access. The casino rooms might be located anywhere and usually there is o information about where they are located but we must make note of the fact that Ladbrokes are very upfront in stating that their room is in Latvia. Because there are no members of the public at these live casinos there is no more atmosphere than in a regular online casino; sound effects are sound effects and you still have no idea what other players are doing or how they are playing. Part of the fun of a land based casino is seeing somebody else land a big win even if it is not you. The one advantage of a live dealer casino is that you are able to “chat” with dealers or the “pit boss”. This also gives you some feeling of security that what is happening on screen really is happening live. Not all online casinos offer live dealer casino; most of the seven that we recommend do but Bwin does not yet have this option or if it does it is so well hidden that we could not find it. The games that are on offer are restricted to Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette with a couple of exceptions that we shall cover shortly but there are a variety of tables available with different stakes. If you enjoy playing for large stakes then live dealer casino is probably for you but games are available for smaller stakes as well. The other major difference between the live dealer casinos available is whether they require downloading or not. William Hill casino for example has live dealer casino but only from the download version; having said that they do have roulette available for as little as €0.10 whilst others often go no smaller than €1. William Hill is also only one of two live dealer casinos that offers what they call “casino holdem”. This is in effect a form of Caribbean Stud poker where you are playing against the dealer and the qualifying hand is a pair of fours. The other live dealer casino to offer “casino holdem” is BetFred but BetFred offers live dealer casino without the need to download. BetFred offers Roulette at stakes from 1 to 50; Baccarat at stakes from 2.50 to 100 and Blackjack at stakes from 2.50 to 100. Ladbrokes live dealer casino is also available without download and has the advantage that you can operate the funding from a common source. Ladbrokes tend to have different “wallets” for sports, casino, live casino etc but it is quick and easy to transfer funds between wallets. Ladbrokes live dealer casino is good for the higher stakes players as roulette is offered for stakes up to 20,000; blackjack is available for stakes from 5 up to 2500 and baccarat for stakes from 1 to 5000. Ladbrokes live dealer casino also offers the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo and if you don’t know how to play that please refer to our game rules page.

Paddy Power also offers a no download version of live online casino and offers games with table stakes the same as Ladbrokes mentioned above but Paddy Power does not offer Sic Bo.
888 casino offers live online casino and is definitely the one for high stakes players. The disadvantage is that live dealer casino is only available on the download version of 888 casino but chances are, if you are a high stakes player downloading is not an issue. On 888 you can play roulette for stakes of up to 40,000; blackjack for stakes of up to 5000 and baccarat up to 10,000.
Bet365 also offers live dealer casino on download and offers roulette, blackjack and baccarat as well as Sic Bo.

Live online casino is certainly a different experience where the random number generation is taken out of the equation; the chat function can be an added bit of fun if you like that sort of thing or you can of course simply remain the quiet gambler. Most live dealer casinos are also offering some form of joining bonus so if you fancy a change, select your casino from the list we offer, register and have some fun.