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The choice of casino software supplier is vital to the success of online casinos

By admin on 2017-03-04 11:57:27

Many observers now believe that the advances in technology we have witnessed over the last twenty or thirty years are at least the equal of those seen during the industrial revolution of the early twentieth century. Certainly the advances in computer technology and robotics over the last few years have been quite remarkable. Who would have thought that such a big proportion of the population would be routinely carrying around what is effectively a mobile computer in the form of their mobile phones. We now have almost round the clock access to the internet through our laptops, tablets or mobile phones, which also means we can stay in constant touch with friends and relatives wherever we are and whatever time of day. The fact that something the size of a modern mobile phone can have more power than the PC’s of even twenty years ago is a triumph of computer technology, but we should remember that none of this would be possible without equivalent advances in the software necessary to run these machines. In this respect we are not just talking about the software giants such as Microsoft and Google, there are hundreds if not thousands of small companies providing the necessary software to operate every internet site. Whether it is an online retail site or one of our favourite online casino sites, they all need good efficient software to operate successfully. When it comes to online casinos the casino software is of course even more important than that found at most online retail sites, because the casino software designers are also responsible for much of the product available of the site, namely the casino games. It is not too farfetched to say that the choice of casino software supplier is probably the biggest factor in the success of any online casino site. The traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack are of course not games that have been recently invented, nevertheless our enjoyment of these traditional casino games can still be influenced by good or not so good graphics. There is no doubt that some casino software suppliers have better graphics than others, but it is probably also true that we are more likely to choose which online casino to support based on the quality and excitement of their casino games, particularly the slots games than any other reason. It is in the design and supply of the online slots games where the input of the casino software companies is at its most important. Many of the slots games we can play at our favourite online casinos may be themed on popular television programmes, blockbuster films or famous cartoon or comic characters, all of which are probably subject to copyright restrictions on their use. It is the online casino software companies who negotiate with the big media organisations which own those rights so that they can take advantage of these popular themes when designing their casino slots games.

It was this sort of licensing agreement which helped what is now the biggest and most influential casino software company, Playtech to start out on the path to their current dominant position in the sector. Playtech casino software is currently used by William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred for all or part of their software requirements, particularly many of their slots games. The advantage that Playtech had over their rivals in the casino software sector was their licensing agreements with both Paramount Digital Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment which enabled them to use a wide variety of film and comic themes for their slots games. That is not the only reason why Playtech is such an important player in the online casino sector however, they were also responsible for creating the first live online casino option, with casino games such as roulette streamed from a studio using real dealers, and they have developed what many believe are the best online poker and bingo platforms available online.

When our favourite Irish bookmaker Paddy Power first started to add casino games to their online sports gambling site, they chose to use casino software supplied by Wagerworks. Originally part of the Silicon Gaming group better known for the manufacture and supply of slot machines, Wagerworks are now an independent company specialising solely in the supply of casino software. The decision to use one of the smaller software companies has undoubtedly paid off for Paddy Power because many of the slots games they offer on their online casino site are exclusive and not available elsewhere. To our knowledge the only other online casino on our recommended list to offer some casino games supplied by Wagerworks is the 888 casino.

The other popular Irish online casino is the All Irish casino, which currently uses casino software supplied by NetEntertainment. NetEnt as it is generally known is the biggest casino software supplier in Scandanavia and has also become very well respected for the quality of their graphics in particular. Their casino slots games are also excellent and have contributed to the success of the All Irish casino. Many of their slots games can also be found on the new CasinoLand site.

Another important online casino software supplier is the Canadian company Chartwell Technology. This is a company which supplies casino software to almost every regulated online casino market in the world, but at the moment only Bwin casino on our list uses Chartwell software so again there are exclusive games to be found.

As we have already pointed out most of the casino games which are available at our online casinos have been designed and supplied by the specialist casino software companies, but the CasinoCasino site has come up with something different. CasinoCasino is a relatively new online casino which has chosen to offer a range of slots games which until now have only been available on real slot machines. Fans of the iconic slots games provided by Amatic Industries will now find these games available online for the first time at CasinoCasino, which has to be a big step forward in the development of online slots gaming.