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The quality of the casino software is vital in the online casino sector

By admin on 2017-01-07 12:05:55

Over the last twenty years there is no doubt that the advances made in the development of computers and other internet accessible devices such as the new generation of mobile phones, have impacted on our daily lives in a way probably never seen before in our history. Most of us have contact with some form of computer technology in our workplace, and almost all of us also have access to the internet in our leisure time through one or more of our own personal devices. The engineering advances which have given us laptops, tablets and the latest mobile phones are extraordinary, but we should not forget that none of this technology would work without the software. Every computer system requires appropriate software to make it work, and computer software design may be on the way to being one of the most important professions in our modern world. Every internet site which has contact with customers, particularly if that contact requires a financial transaction must have sufficiently robust and secure operating software which not only enables the customer to navigate the site easily and access the product information they need, but also to provide maximum possible protection of their personal data. These are the absolute minimum requirements for any company operating any retail site and of course any online casino site, but when it comes to online casino sites the casino software has another equally important function. Not only does the casino software supplier need to ensure that the site is as efficient and secure as possible, they also have a significant input into the casino games being offered on the site. In fact if we assume that our readers will usually play their casino games at one of our recommended online casino sites, all of which we believe use suitably secure software then one could argue that it is their influence on the casino games that is the most important input from the casino software suppliers. The vast majority of the casino games available at our online casinos are slots games in various forms, and these games are generally supplied by the casino software designers who are usually also responsible for negotiating any copyright issues which may exist if the games are based on well-known films or cartoon characters, as many of them are. Many of the new online casino customers are attracted primarily by the huge array of slots games they can now play online, so it is the quality and excitement of these casino games which probably defines which online casino they use. That is why the casino software suppliers have become so important in this relatively new online casino sector, but it is not just the slots games that are influenced by the quality of the casino software. Even those people who tend to prefer playing the more traditional casino games online can often be heard comparing the quality of the graphics associated with casino games such as roulette, craps and many card games, and some casino software suppliers clearly seem to be able to offer better quality graphics than others.

The biggest and most successful online casino software supplier is undoubtedly Playtech, and their history and growth illustrates perfectly how new the casino software sector is. Playtech was only founded in 1999 and it was 2001 when they first started supplying online casino software. They are generally credited with being the first software company to introduce the live casino option streaming roulette from a remote studio using real dealers, and they also successfully launched both their poker and bingo platforms during their first few years in the business. Their biggest success however was the signing of an agreement with Paramount Digital Entertainment in 2008, which enabled them to supply slots games based on popular films produced by Paramount. Soon after that they also concluded a similar agreement with Marvel Entertainment which then allowed them to use some of the most famous comic book characters in their slots games and further strengthened their dominant position in the market. William Hill, Betfred and Ladbrokes all currently use Playtech to supply software for all or part of their online casino sites.

The most popular online casino site in Ireland is of course the Paddy Power casino. Paddy Power use casino software supplied by a company called Wagerworks, which was originally part of Silicon Gaming who are best known for the manufacture of slot machines. Wagerworks are now an independent company solely specialising in the design and supply of casino software and casino games. Using a smaller casino software company such as Wagerworks has proved a successful decision by Paddy Power because many of the slots games on their site are exclusive to Paddy Power, but the 888 casino also features some slots games supplied by Wagerworks.

Another online casino software supplier we should mention is Chartwell Technology. This is a Canadian company with offices all around the world, through which it supplies software to almost every regulated online gambling market in the world. As far as online casinos featured on our recommended list are concerned, the Bwin casino uses Chartwell software and therefore offers an excellent range of interesting casino games.

Other online casinos on our recommended list who mostly rely on one casino software supplier are the All Irish casino and CasinoLand. Both of these sites feature casino games supplied by NetEntertainment, or NetEnt for short. NetEnt is a Swedish company and the biggest casino software supplier in Scandanavia, as well as a well-deserved reputation for the quality of their graphics. The All Irish casino in particular has been a very successful new entrant to the online casino sector, and some credit should go to the quality of the NetEnt software.

Some of the most recent online casinos to come on stream have however taken a new approach and chosen to use a variety of different casino software suppliers to provide their range of casino games. Yako casino and Instacasino both offer a more diverse range of casino games as a result of that decision and are both worth a visit.