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Online casinos are very dependent on their choice of casino software

By admin on 2017-05-27 10:57:50

If some reports are to be believed, in much of the developed world there are now almost as many mobile phones as there are people. Apparently our mobile phones have taken over our lives and there are now many of us who would feel totally lost without them. The mobile phone is also an excellent example of how quickly modern technology has advanced. Every year the manufacturers introduce new features designed to persuade us that our existing phones are now almost obsolete and we must upgrade to the latest model. The same is true of our PC’s, laptops and tablets, all of which still work perfectly well and still everything we thought we wanted them to do. There is however often a slight difference in the development of these computer devices, because the advances may well be in the operating systems and software rather than the device itself. We all know that even the most advanced computer systems would be virtually useless without the necessary software, and it is usually problems with the software that delays the implementation of many government projects for example. It is also not just the operating software which has to be suitable for the job, every individual web site needs good software for it to be viable, particularly if that site is communicating with the public and conducting financial transactions online. None of our online gambling sites for instance would be able to operate without the software necessary to provide a safe and secure financial environment. All the online gambling sites need software systems which are at least as good as that used by any of the big internet retailers, because their operators know that persuading us to do any online financial transactions requires them to earn our trust. Operating an online casino site however requires more than just a good secure operating system, because the product itself is dependent on the casino software employed. All the casino games we play at an online casino are dependent in one way or another on the casino software suppliers. In the case of the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack it is just the quality of the graphics which rely on the skills of the casino software designers to help us enjoy playing the games, whereas all the slots games are totally the responsibility of the casino software suppliers. The vast majority of the casino games offered by all the online casino operators are now slots games in a variety of forms, so their appeal is totally dependent on the casino software supplier they choose to employ. It also means that when we here at carry out our regular audits of the online casinos which are available in Ireland, we are actually commenting on the imagination and skills of the casino software designers rather than the site operators. That is why some of the leading online casino software suppliers such as Playtech have become so powerful and developed into massive companies in their own right.

Playtech in particular benefitted from being one of the first online casino software suppliers, and are credited with many of the developments we have seen in the sector since online casino gambling became available. The introduction of the live online casino option for example was the result of software designed by Playtech which enabled games such as roulette to be streamed live from a studio to our screens. However the most important element in the dominance of the market achieved by Playtech were the licensing agreements they negotiated with media giants Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Digital Entertainment, which enabled them to design slots games based on famous comic and film characters. Playtech software is still used wholly or in part by William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred, but there are other major casino software suppliers which have been around since the early days. Wagerworks for example have been extremely successful in partnership with one of Ireland’s favourite bookmakers, Paddy Power. The decision by Paddy Power to offer casino games from Wagerworks worked very well because it meant that many of their slots games became virtually exclusive to Paddy Power.

Since the early days of online casinos, when they were nearly all offered as part of a bigger online sports gambling site operated by the leading bookmakers, we have seen the introduction of several specialist online casinos such as the All Irish casino. The All Irish casino in particular appears to be going from strength to strength, and most of their casino slots games are designed by another leading casino software supplier, NetEntertainment, who are also well known for the quality of their computer graphics. Other specialist sites such as CasinoCasino have brought with them a different approach to the design of online casino games and introduced us to different casino software suppliers. Fans of the iconic slot machine games designed by Amatic Industries are now able to play some of these games online for the first time at the new CasinoCasino site, which we believe will prove very popular indeed for the real slot machine enthusiasts.

Many of the other recently introduced specialist online casinos have also decided to try something different as far as their range of casino games is concerned. The operators of CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino for example have all chosen to offer casino games supplied by a number of different casino software suppliers rather than concentrating mainly on the games supplied by just one supplier. Again we think this approach will also prove successful, and it certainly increases the choices we now have as casino games fans.

Of the remaining online casino sites operated by big bookmakers, we should of course mention the Bwin online casino site. Bwin have chosen to offer a range of casino slots games supplied by a leading Canadian casino software company, Chartwell Technology. This was also a good decision, because they are the only online casino operator running a casino site accessible here in Ireland to use Chartwell, and their casino slots games are therefore exclusive to the Bwin site.