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Online casino reviews and how the new online casinos compare

By admin on 2017-01-15 12:33:46

We have become so used to being able to play casino games online that it is difficult for us to remember that online casinos came about almost by accident. The spread of personal internet access into many people’s homes encouraged the leading bookmakers to invest in the technology necessary to enable their customers who had internet access to do their sports gambling online. These online sports gambling sites were of course an immediate success and their popularity with sports gambling enthusiasts has continued to grow as more and more people acquired good internet access. Having invested time and money in setting up their online gambling sites, some of the operators clearly wanted to gain maximum benefit from that investment and started to experiment with adding a few games on their sites. We now know of course that this idea was not only well received by their existing online customers, it appealed to a whole new potential customer base who enjoyed the opportunity to play casino games online and the concept of an online casino was born. For the first few years all the available online casinos were operated by the leading bookmakers as part of their sports gambling sites, but the last couple of years has seen a bit of a revolution in the online casino sector as a whole new generation of online casinos have come on stream to increase the competition. Here at we have continuously monitored all the online casinos that have been available to Irish casino games players almost from day one, as well as publishing and updating our list of recommended sites. During that time we have also regularly published a series of online casino reviews detailing the options presented by the different sites and the quality of the casino games they offered. As we have already commented, during the early years of online casinos all the available sites were operated by the leading bookmakers and to be honest the options they offered their customers were all very similar from site to site. So too were many of the casino games they offered, although some of them did use different casino software suppliers and therefore featured some different games. The introduction of the new specialist online casinos has however completely changed the online casino scene with several new ideas and a whole range of new casino games. These new sites have also meant that our regular online casino reviews and our resulting updated recommended list have become far more important and relevant for prospective new casino games players.

Although these new online casinos have revitalised the online casino sector, the original online casinos operated by the big bookmakers remain an important part of the sector and still have plenty to offer. The Paddy Power casino for instance is still the most popular online casino in Ireland and has been a fixture high on our list of recommended online casinos for many years. The popularity of the Paddy Power online casino is obviously due in part to the fact that Paddy Power is undoubtedly the most well-known bookmaker in Ireland and would therefore automatically be the first choice for potential new casino games players in this country. It would however be unfair to suggest that this was the only reason why the Paddy Power casino is so popular. When the Paddy Power casino was first established they chose to use software supplied by Wagerworks rather than one of the bigger casino software suppliers such as Playtech, and this decision enabled them to offer a comparatively high number of exclusive casino games within their range. Paddy Power were also able to use their extensive estate of high street betting shops to enable their online customers to manage their accounts using cash over the counter. As we have commented many times in these pages there is no safer, more secure online casino deposit option than using cash so this is a huge advantage for Paddy Power.

The same option is also available to customers of the Ladbrokes casino in Ireland, again because they also have a very big high street presence. The Ladbrokes casino is another of the online casinos operated as part of their online sports gambling site, but they too have featured highly on our recommended list for many years. Most of their casino games are currently supplied by Microgaming, although Ladbrokes have recently signed an agreement with Playtech as part of an attempt to catch up perceived lost ground against some of their rivals in the online gambling sector. One of those rivals is of course another of the big bookmakers, William Hill. In fact William Hill were one of the first of the leading bookmakers to introduce casino games on their site, and still remain very popular. The remaining online casinos operated by the leading bookmakers and featured on our recommended list are the Bwin casino, the 888 casino and the Betfred casino all of which offer their customers a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy playing casino games.

The first of the new online casinos to become available in Ireland was the All Irish casino, which as the name suggests was specifically targeted at the Irish casino games playing fan base. The popularity of the All Irish casino has grown very quickly primarily due to an excellent range of casino games supplied by the Swedish company NetEnt. If you are a fan of playing casino games in the live casino mode the All Irish casino has gone one step closer to the real thing by offering the option of playing roulette, blackjack and baccarat streamed live in real time from the Portomaso casino in Malta.

Other new online casinos worthy of inclusion on our recommended list are CasinoLand, Instacasino and Yako casino, all of which offer a range of casino games supplied by a number of different software companies, which clearly improves the diversity of games we can play on each site. There is one other new online casino which has been able to offer something brand new, and that is CasinoCasino. Fans of playing the famous Amatic Industries slot machines can now play many of those games for the first time online at CasinoCasino.