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New specialist online casinos have made our online casino reviews even more relevent

By admin on 2017-04-09 12:04:25

Here at we have been carrying out online casino reviews and publishing our list of recommended sites for almost as long as there have been online casinos in their current form. If we examine how the concept of playing casino games at an online casino first came about we will see that it was never planned as such but was really an afterthought following on from the introduction of online sports gambling. In common with many big high street companies the leading bookmakers decided that they had to respond to the ever increasing spread of internet access among the general public by enabling their customers to do their sports gambling online instead of through a local betting shop. Within just a couple of years all the big bookmakers had set up online sports gambling sites and they were rapidly becoming increasingly popular, not only because it was clearly much more convenient to be able to place your bets from home but the online sports gambling sites offered a much wider choice of gambling options. The next step in the development of online gambling and the start of what we now know as online casinos was the result of those bookmakers looking to maximise their investment in the online sports gambling sites, and deciding to try introducing a few games on their sites. Until that point nobody appears to have even thought about competing with the real casinos by making casino games such as roulette available to play online, let alone other popular games such as bingo. Initially of course the people playing these casino games online were keen sports gambling fans who had already registered with their favourite bookmaker’s site, but the idea quickly spread and as more and more games were added so the customer base expanded to include casino games fans, bingo fans and slot machine enthusiasts, and the modern online casino was born. Throughout this process we have been monitoring how the individual online casinos have developed and of course publishing the results of our regular online casino reviews. These online casino reviews have also formed the basis of our list of recommended online casinos, which regular visitors to will know we have updated regularly over the years as more casino games and more online casinos have come on stream. In the early days of course all the online casinos which were available in Ireland were operated by the leading bookmakers, for reasons we have already explained, but over the last few years we have seen the introduction of a number of specialist online casinos which have concentrated all their energy and expertise of providing a different range of casino games for us to enjoy. These new online casinos have definitely brought something new to the party and have caused us to dramatically increase the number of online casinos on our recommended list.

Unlike most of the big online sports gambling sites, the online casino sections of these sites operated by the big bookmakers were significantly different from each other, particularly when it came to the range of slots games they made available. This is because the operators chose to employ different specialist casino software suppliers, and when it comes to setting up an online casino the software supplier is not only responsible for the management of the site, they are also responsible for many of the casino games available at the site. Because of this even in the early years of online casinos there were big differences in the range of casino games available at each site which meant that our online casino reviews and the resulting recommended list was relevant and hopefully useful for our readers.

Before we go on to look at the newer online casinos it would be wrong to ignore the online casino sections of the online sites operated by the big bookmakers, because most of them still offer an excellent range of casino games and remain very popular among Irish casino games players. The Paddy Power casino site in particular is still one of the most popular online casinos in Ireland and deservedly so, because they have an excellent range of casino games as a result of choosing software from one of the smaller software suppliers, Wagerworks. This means that many of the slots games on the Paddy Power casino site are exclusive and not available on any other site. The other major bookmaker with a big high street presence in Ireland is of course Ladbrokes, and again the Ladbrokes casino has a lot to offer. Probably the most popular parts of the Ladbrokes online gambling sites are the poker forum on which serious poker players can compete with each other, and the 24 hour bingo platform. Other popular online casinos operated by leading bookmakers include the William Hill casino site, which is usually credited to have been the first to introduce online games, plus Bwin and 888 Holdings both of which offer many great casino games in a safe and secure online environment.

The first of the newer specialist online casinos to come on stream was the All Irish casino, which as the name suggests is targeted specifically at Irish online casino games fans. The All Irish casino uses software supplied by NetEntertainment, a well-respected Swedish casino software supplier with a reputation for excellent graphics and a fine range of casino games. The All Irish casino was also the first to expand the idea of playing casino games such as roulette and blackjack in a live casino mode. Most online casinos offer their live casino option by streaming selected casino games from a remote studio, but the All Irish casino have tried to create a real live casino atmosphere by actually streaming roulette, blackjack and baccarat from a real casino based in Malta.

Each of the other new online casinos have also provided us with something different. CasinoLand, Instacasino and Yako casino all offer a range of casino games selected from a number of different specialist software suppliers to increase the choice, and CasinoCasino have given us the chance to play many of the iconic and popular slots games created by Amatic Industries online for the first time.