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By admin on 2019-02-10 12:17:12

One of our prime objectives here at is to help our readers choose the online casino which is most likely to satisfy their individual preferences, particularly when it comes to the range of casino games available on the site. There are of course many other considerations which need to be taken into account when choosing an online casino site, not least the efficiency of the financial management systems in use and even more important the level of security the site offers with regard to protecting our personal data. All of these factors form part of the audit process during our regular online casino reviews, which in turn enable us to compile our list of recommended online casino sites and of course to update it when circumstances dictate that a change may be necessary. This site clearly offers our readers a great deal of helpful information, particularly the individual casino games pages where we explain the rules of most of the traditional casino games featured on almost every online casino site, but our regular online casino reviews and the resulting list of recommended sites probably provides the most important information required by people wishing to start playing casino games online. When we first started to carry out online casino reviews there were far fewer online casinos accessible to Irish casino games players than there are nowadays, and most of them were operated by the big bookmakers usually as part of their online sports gambling sites. Over recent years however that situation has changed dramatically and we can now access far more online casinos than ever before. Most of the new online casino sites concentrate solely on providing the best range of casino games they can and do not therefore offer any sports gambling options. These sites do however offer a huge selection of new casino slots games supplied by a range of different online casino software companies which were not previously used by the big bookmakers, so the variety of slots we can now play is far greater than ever before. Clearly once we have established that an online casino has satisfactory site management systems and that their data protection systems are also as effective as possible, it is the range of casino games they offer that becomes the most important factor in our choice of which online casino site we want to use, and because almost every online casino offers a full range of traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and even baccarat, the most notable differences between the online casinos is their range of slots games.

The importance of the slots games offered by an online casino site is such that their choice of casino software supplier is likely to be one of the most important decisions the site operator is asked to make. It is also why some of the big online casino software companies such as Playtech have become so dominant in the online casino sector. Having said that we should not ignore the effect of brand awareness on our choice of online casino site. In Ireland for example the most popular online casino is probably still the Paddy Power online casino site because Paddy Power are almost certainly the most well- known bookmaker in Ireland and there is always a tendency for people to stick with a company they know. As it happens Paddy Power also made an excellent decision when they first established their online casino site by choosing to use software supplied by Wagerworks. That decision enabled them to offer a range of online casino slots games which were not available on any other site, and that situation is still a factor in their success. Brand awareness is also a factor in the popularity of the online casino site hosted by the other big bookmaker with an extensive high street presence in Ireland, Ladbrokes. The Ladbrokes online casino offers a huge range of gambling options, including specialist poker and bingo platforms, and of course a huge range of slots. The other bookmaker which benefits from having a chain of betting shops in Ireland is Betfred, and again the Betfred online casino site has a strong following among Irish casino games fans.

Nowadays of course brand awareness among the gambling community does not just rely on having a chain of betting shops, because there are now have several major bookmakers who only operate online and have no high street presence at all. Bwin and 888 Holdings for example are huge bookmakers offering a full range of gambling options including online casino gambling, but they run their business totally online. In both of these cases they have chosen to establish their brand primarily through sports sponsorship, particularly football. Both of these bookmakers use shirt sponsorship deals with major European football clubs to advertise their brand, and both companies now have well established and popular online casino sites as well as their online sports gambling sites. As we commented on earlier in this article the online casino sector is however no longer dominated by the big bookmakers, we now also have access to a number of smaller specialist online casinos offering a very different range of casino games. The CasinoCasino site for example offers a range of slots games only previously available on the slot machines supplied by Amatic Industries, one of the most popular slot machine manufacturers in the world. Many of their slots games have become almost iconic among serious slot machine enthusiasts, so it is a huge opportunity to play many of these games online for the first time. Other new specialist online casinos now accessible in Ireland include CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino, all of which offer new casino slots games supplied by a range of different casino software companies on the same site, which clearly improves the variety of games featured on the sites. This move towards using a variety of different casino software companies to supply their slots games is arguably one of the most welcome innovations brought about by the new specialist site operators.