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By admin on 2018-11-18 11:47:13

Our primary objective here at is to help potential new online casino customers to enjoy the experience of playing casino games online as much as possible. We have therefore dedicated a large part of this site to explaining the rules of many of the traditional casino games featured on most of the online casino sites so that new players can enjoy a much wider choice of games. We have also committed to carrying out regular online casino reviews of all the established online casinos accessible here in Ireland and of course any new online casinos as they come on stream. The history of online casinos is still relatively short compared to most other forms of gambling, and actually began when the big bookmakers were looking for ways to increase their returns on the investments they had made into their online sports gambling sites. That is when we began to see the first casino games being added to those big sports gambling sites and the beginnings of what we now know as the online casino sector of the gambling industry. The option to play a range of casino games online was an immediate success and led to a very rapid expansion in the number of games featured on those early online casinos, and eventually to an increase in the number of different online casino sites we could access. These were the prime factors in our decision to begin our regular online casino reviews so that we could keep our readers informed of all the developments which were taking place at the time. Those reviews have of course become even more relevant over recent years as more and more new online casinos have become available and as the choice of online casino games has continued to expand as a result. These online casino reviews also form the basis for inclusion on our list of recommended online casino sites which we hope is a useful indicator of which sites offer the best casino gambling experience. The vast majority of the casino games now available on the increasing number of online casino sites are of course slots games in various forms, and although traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack are featured on almost every site it is the slots which attract the most attention when it comes to attracting new customers to a site. That is why any online casino reviews invariably also include reference to the casino software companies who are responsible for the development of most of the online slots games we can play. It would be fair to say that the success of any online casino site, particularly in the early days of their development depends largely on which online casino software company the site operator has chosen to use to supply their slots games.

As we have already said the first online casinos were all set up as part of the online sports gambling sites operated by the major bookmakers, and many of those sites still feature strongly on our list of recommended online casino sites. The Ladbrokes casino was one of the first to come on stream and still offers a huge range of gambling options, including online poker, backgammon and even financial gambling and lotteries. The Ladbrokes casino clearly has a big following in Ireland because of the large number of betting shops they run on our high streets, which means that their brand is very well known. The same clearly applies to Ireland’s biggest bookmaker Paddy Power. Again the Paddy Power casino is one of the most popular online casinos among Irish casino games fans and has benefitted from being able to feature a number of exclusive casino slots supplied by their chosen software supplier Wagerworks. Paddy Power have also been able to establish a reputation as being a punter friendly bookmaker which tries to ensure that their customers have as much fun as possible. Neither Ladbrokes or Paddy Power have needed to do much to improve their brand awareness in Ireland because of their significant presence on our high streets, but the rise of online gambling has meant that there are now a number of new bookmakers who concentrate solely on providing internet gambling options and do not have a high street presence. The Bwin casino is one of those online casinos operated by an internet only bookmaker, as is the 888 casino. Both of these online casino operators are also heavily involved in online sports gambling, and have in fact established their brand awareness with very prominent sports sponsorship deals. Both are however now very big operators in the online casino sector and well deserve their long term presence on our list of recommended online casino sites.

The online casino sector has been dominated by the big bookmakers for many years but we have recently seen a number of new specialist online casino operators begin to establish a presence. These specialist online casinos do not offer any sports gambling options and are concentrated solely on providing the best range of casino games they can. The most popular of these new online casinos in Ireland is the All Irish casino, which as the name suggest is targeted specifically at the large number of Irish casino games enthusiasts. The All Irish casino features a very wide range of casino games, including a full range of exclusive slots from the software provider NetEntertainment. In fact the All Irish casino was the first online casino accessible in Ireland to use NetEnt software and it has proved to be a very successful cooperation, both in terms of the quality of the casino slots and the clarity of the associated graphics. As we have already said the casino software supplier is very important in the online casino sector, so we also congratulate new sites such as CasinoCasino who have been able to offer us the chance to play some of the iconic slot machine games supplied by Amatic Industries for the first time online. Other new online casinos such as CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino even offer slots games from a range of different software companies, further expanding our options.