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The online casino software is still one of the most important elements

By admin on 2018-06-23 13:38:34

Every day we seem to see more evidence of the increasing effects of the internet, particularly on our high streets. Even long established and highly rated high street retailers such as Marks and Spencer now appear to be starting to suffer from our increasing love of online shopping. It looks as if our town centres are likely to change dramatically over the next few years as more and more of the major retailers scale back on their high street premises and move towards a more internet based approach to retailing. There are of course potentially serious implications for the current shop floor employees of these companies, but there will undoubtedly also be new opportunities for tech savvy people to help these businesses make the transition to online shopping. It is now almost twenty years since the major bookmakers began that transition with the introduction of their online sports gambling sites, and although we still have most of our high street betting shops they are now coming under considerable pressure as more and more of us do our gambling online. When it comes to online gambling and online shopping it is now the new software companies which are providing the job opportunities because every internet site dealing directly with the public must have the necessary software to ensure easy navigation of the site and more importantly financial security for their customers. When the first online gambling site operators began to introduce a few games on their sports gambling sites and thereby started what we now refer to as online casinos, they also created a whole new business sector with several new companies being set up to supply the casino software required to operate those online casino sites. The online casino software is of course very different from the software required to manage an online retailing site, because the casino software companies are also responsible for designing and supplying most of the casino games featured on almost all the online casinos we can access. Clearly the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker did not need any design input from the casino software suppliers, but the graphics and the way those games are presented on our screens is definitely down to the skill of the casino software designers and certainly influences our enjoyment of playing casino games online. The most significant input from the online casino software companies is however to be found in the hundreds of slots games and video slots now featured on almost every online casino site. All of these online casino games have been developed and supplied by one or more of the casino software companies employed by the online casino site operator. It is because of this that the choice of which casino software company to use was and still is one of the most important decisions the online casino operators have to make because it is almost certainly the quality of the slots and video slots which influences how popular and successful an online casino site is likely to be.

The online casino software companies are arguably the most important organisations in the online casino sector, and some of the biggest have also become very large companies in their own right. The most obvious example of how influential and important a casino software company can become can be seen with Playtech which is now probably the biggest online casino software supplier in the world. Not only were Playtech the first casino software supplier to sign licensing agreements with major media companies, they were also responsible for supplying the software for the first live online casino experience to be introduced, with the casino games streamed live to our screens from a remote studio. The licensing agreements with Paramount Digital Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment enabled Playtech to develop and supply online slots games based on both popular films and of course many well-known comic book characters, which therefore gave the company a significant advantage over their rivals particularly during the early years of the development of online casinos. Playtech software and slots games are still important assets for the William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred online casinos and the company remains one of the most influential in the online casino sector.

In the early years all our online casinos were part of the online sports gambling sites operated by the leading bookmakers, including of course Ireland’s favourite bookmaker Paddy Power. When Paddy Power decided to introduce an online casino they decided to use software supplied by a company called Wagerworks, and most of their casino games are still supplied by that casino software company. Wagerworks was original a subsidiary of a slot machine manufacturer called Silicon Gaming, but although clearly benefitting from that link with a slot machine manufacturer is now an independent company concentrating solely on supplying online casino software. Wgaerworks games are still featured heavily on the Paddy Power online casino site, but some of them are also available on the 888 casino. Other important online casino software suppliers include NetEntertainment, a Swedish specialist casino software design company with a well-deserved reputation for excellent graphics as well as exciting casino games. NetEnt software is currently employed by the other main Irish online casino, the All Irish casino. Whilst most of the original online casino operators tended to employ just one casino software supplier to provide their operating software and most of their casino games, many of the new online casinos which have recently come on stream feature casino games supplied by a number of different casino software companies. New specialist online casinos such as CasinoLand, Instacasino and Yako all now feature a variety of slots games supplied by several different software companies, including another major casino software company, Microgaming. Many of the people now enjoying playing slots games at an online casino may also have been fans of playing real slot machines, and some will also remember some of the iconic games created by Amatic Industries. The good news is that the CasinoCasino site has now become the first to offer these popular games online. They are well worth a look.