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The casino software may be the most important part of any online casino

By admin on 2018-04-28 11:25:29

As more and more areas of our lives are taken over by computer technology in one form or another, we are becoming ever more dependent on the skills of computer programmers and software developers. The technology which has led to computers shrinking from the original examples which occupied whole rooms to the modern hand held mobile phones is of course quite remarkable, but every computer of whatever size needs appropriate software for it to serve any useful purpose. Every individual web site relies on some sort of management software, particularly if the operator intends to carry out financial transactions with the public online. Every online retail site therefore needs to employ operating software which not only allows the product to be displayed attractively, but also provides the necessary security safeguards to protect the customer’s personal information and financial details. These requirements are of course also absolutely essential when it comes to operating an online casino site, but the online casino software is even more important because the software developers are also responsible for many of the casino games featured by the online casinos. In common with the online retailers one function of the casino software is to display the product as attractively as possible, in this case the product being the casino games. Clearly when it comes to the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack or poker the graphics are the only element of the games influenced by the online casino software, but the vast majority of the casino games on almost every online casino site are not the traditional casino games we have played for years. Most of the casino games featured on almost every online casino site are slots or video slots games of various sorts, and almost all of these games have been designed and developed entirely by the specialist online casino software companies. There are a few exceptions to that statement, most notably when it comes to the iconic slot machine games designed and built by the renowned slot machine manufacturer Amatic Industries, which are now available online for the first time at the CasinoCasino site. Almost all the other slots and video slots available online are however the product of the leading casino software companies which is why many of these companies have become so important to the success of online casino gambling. Probably the most well-known of the specialist online casino software companies is Playtech, who have been a major influence on the development of many of the features we have come to expect at our online casinos. Founded in 1999 in Estonia, Playtech were the first to develop the casino software necessary to stream casino games live from a remote studio, and they were also the first software company to establish an online bingo platform followed by a specialist online poker forum the following year. As far as the casino games supplied by Playtech are concerned it was their licensing agreements with big media companies such as Paramount Digital Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment which proved to be their biggest advantage over their rivals, because they were able to design slots games around Marvel comic book characters and of course a variety of popular film characters. Playtech casino software is still used by William Hill, Betfred and Ladbrokes and the company remains one of the leading players in the online casino sector.

In Ireland the two dominant Irish based online casinos are of course the Paddy Power casino which forms part of their overall sorts and casino gambling site, and the more recently introduced specialist online casino, the All Irish casino. When Paddy Power began to offer online gambling they chose to use casino software supplied by a company called Wagerworks who were another casino software company which started life as a slot machine manufacturer. The long affiliation with Wagerworks has proved very successful for Paddy Power because for many years they were able to offer exclusive casino slots which were not available anywhere else. The All Irish casino operators however have chosen to offer casino games supplied by another specialist casino software company, NetEntertainment or NetEnt for short. NetEnt is a long established Swedish online casino software supplier having been founded as far back as 1996, and is now almost certainly the primary casino software supplier in Scandanavia. NetEnt casino software has become very well-known for the quality of their graphics as well as some very original video slots and was a very good choice for the All Irish casino operators.

Another major player in the online casino software sector is Chartwell Technology, a Canadian company established in 1998 in Vancouver but now represented all over the world with employees based in England, Malta and as far away as Singapore. Of the online casinos featured on our recommended list Bwin is the site which features casino slots games primarily supplied by Chartwell. In the early days of online casinos most of them formed part of much larger online sports gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers, and most of the slots games featured on each site were supplied by just one casino software supplier. Nowadays however there are a number of specialist online casinos which have proved good enough to be included on our recommended list here at, and some of these have chosen to use more than one casino software supplier to provide them with their slots games. CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino all feature a range of casino slots games supplied by several different casino software companies, including such well-known companies such as Microgaming. In fact Microgaming were one of the first casino software companies who were already supplying software for Roulette, blackjack and craps as far back as 1998. You will find casino software from Microgaming in use at over 120 online casinos and as many as 40 poker rooms. Of the online casinos on our recommended list the Ladbrokes casino probably features the most casino slots games supplied by Microgaming. Our choice of online casino usually depends on their range of casino games, so by default it also depends on the casino software company.