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The importance and range of our online casino reviews continues to grow

By admin on 2018-10-21 16:30:57

Here at we have been carrying out our online casino reviews for a number of years during which time we have seen huge changes within the online casino sector. The most obvious of those changes is clearly that we now need to consider and review far more online casinos than ever before because over the last few years more and more new specialist sites have been introduced and become available for casino games enthusiasts here in Ireland to access and enjoy. When we started to undertake our regular online casino reviews all the available sites were operated by the leading bookmakers as part of their big online sports gambling sites, so the resulting list of our recommended online casinos was relatively small in comparison with that list today. Most of the online casinos operated by the major bookmakers still feature on that list of course but they have been joined by a number of specialist online casinos which are focused solely on providing interesting and exciting casino games and do not offer any other gambling options. These new online casinos have also introduced a whole new range of casino games, particularly slots games and video slots and in doing so have introduced us to many different casino software suppliers who of course are responsible for the design and supply of most of these games. The principle objective of our online casino reviews has always been first and foremost to establish whether the operating software of a particular online casino site is good enough to provide a safe and secure environment for Irish online casino games players to enjoy the experience without worrying about loss of privacy or of their personal data. Secondly and equally important in all our online casino reviews is an analysis of the quality and variety of the casino games featured on the site. We are aware of course that any audit of the quality and excitement of the casino games is clearly a matter of personal opinion, but we do our best to keep an open mind and we always keep our ears to the ground and listen to the voices of our readers where possible. As far as the original online casinos set up and operated by the big bookmakers are concerned, we are not aware of any issues relating to the efficiency and security of the management software they use so our reviews are generally concentrated on the casino games featured on the site, which in turn means that we are reviewing the quality of the product supplied by the casino software company they have chosen to purchase the games from. In the early days most online casino operators chose to employ just one casino software company to supply the majority of their casino games, whereas many of the newer specialist online casinos now offer a range of casino slots games from a number of different casino software companies.

In Ireland as you would expect the most popular of the online casinos operated by one of the big bookmakers is the Paddy Power casino. Paddy Power still have a massive presence on our high streets and the brand name is therefore very well-known right across the country, so when it comes to choosing an online casino or where to place sports bets online the Paddy Power online gambling site is usually the first port of call for Irish gamblers. The casino games and the operating software on the Paddy Power online casino has been supplied by a company called Wagerworks almost from the beginning and they are still the main casino games supplier to Paddy Power. The other major bookmaker with a big high street presence in Ireland is of course Ladbrokes, and the Ladbrokes casino is also very popular among Irish casino games players. The Ladbrokes casino has developed in a different way over the years because they began by primarily using software from a big casino software company called Microgaming, but have recently started to feature a number of casino games from one of the biggest and most successful of all the casino software companies, namely Playtech. Playtech also supply a large number of popular casino slots games to the online casino site operated by another of the major bookmakers, William Hill. Betfred are also a fairly well-known bookmaker in Ireland and the UK because of their high street presence, and again their online sports gambling site and their online casino have become very popular are they are both as good as any of the big online gambling sites operated by the bookmakers.  All of these big bookmakers now operate online gambling sites incorporating an online casino section, and they all also have an extensive estate of high street betting shops across Ireland and the UK, but the move towards internet gambling has also created a number of big online only bookmakers who also operate online sports gambling sites which include a huge number of casino games. Bwin and 888 Holdings are both internet only bookmakers and they both fit into this category of providing comprehensive online sports gambling options and a wide selection of interesting casino games.

For a long time the online casino sector was dominated by these big bookmakers but over the last few years as we have already said we have seen the introduction of several new specialist online casinos, and these new entrants to the sector have brought with them a number of new ideas and certainly a very extensive range of new casino games. As far as Irish casino games fans are concerned the most popular of these new online casino sites is the All Irish casino. The casino slots games on the All Irish casino site are most supplied by yet another specialist casino software company, NetEntertainment. These slots and video slots have proved to be very popular among Irish casino games players and the graphics from NetEnt are second to none. Other important new entrants to the online casino sector are CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino, all of which feature a huge range of slots from a variety of different software companies and they are all worth a visit if you are looking for something different.