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The free online casino option is both useful and fun

By admin on 2019-01-01 10:52:01

As we have said many times one of the best things about the online casinos is the huge range of different casino games we can now play. Many of what we now refer to as online casino games were of course not really found in many of our real casinos certainly not here in Ireland, but it now somehow seems right to use the term to describe all the games featured on the online casino sites as casino games. The vast majority of those games are slots games in various forms, but almost all the online casinos also feature a full range of the more traditional casino games which would be found in the real casinos of the world. Here at we have always encouraged our readers to take full advantage of the huge increase in gambling options provided by all the online gambling sites, particularly the online casinos which is why we have dedicated a significant proportion of this site to detailing the rules of many of the more traditional casino games. It is also why we continually praise those online casinos which offer the free online casino option on many of their games. Here in Ireland very few of us have had the opportunity to play some of the traditional casino games featured online because most of the real casinos here and in the UK are too small to offer the full range of games you might find in the big casinos in other parts of the world. Most of us have therefore been restricted to playing roulette and blackjack and perhaps the occasional game of poker in a local tournament. The free online casino option therefore allows us to learn the rules of some of the more complex games and gain some experience of how the game is played online. Even if a particular casino game is relatively easy to play the free play option is still a useful way to familiarise ourselves with the graphics and layout of the game on our screens. The traditional casino game of craps for instance is not that much different from roulette in terms of the multiple betting options and the layout of the table, but a few free games can certainly increase our confidence that we know what we are doing. Backgammon on the other hand is one of the more traditional casino games which does need a degree of skill and experience to play successfully. As with almost every casino game there is an element of luck because the number of moves each player can make is determined by the throw of two dice, but the skill lies in how the player moves the checkers around the board in response to the throw of the dice.

Poker is of course another traditional casino games in which skill and experience is an important factor. Again the best poker player in the world still needs to have a degree of good luck but most people agree that the more experienced player is more likely to win in the long run. There are of course now a number of different versions of poker featured on most online casino sites, some of which are easier to learn than others. One of the more complicated poker formats is the Texas Hold’em version of the games because it entails the use of community cards. Each player is dealt two hole cards face down in front of them, followed by the first betting round. Five community cards are then dealt one at a time into the middle of the table which each card followed by another betting round. The players who are still in the games when the fifth community card has been dealt will then form their best five card poker hand from their two hole cards and the five community cards in the middle of the table. It is fair to say that the way a players hand develops during a game of Texas Hold’em poker is not the same as in other versions of poker, which is why experience is so important particularly if you have decided to try your luck on one of the specialist online poker platforms where serious poker players compete with each other. We would certainly recommend anyone thinking of playing poker on one of these sites to use the free online casino option and play for fixed odds against the house for a while before trying their luck against other players.

So far we have only discussed how the free online casino option is a valuable tool in learning some of the more complex traditional casino games which most of us have not had the opportunity to play before the online casinos were introduced, but there is one game for which the free play option has had a very different effect. The traditional casino game of baccarat is commonly available at many of the big casinos in Europe, but it is often played away from the main floor of the casino. That situation plus the way that baccarat has been portrayed in a number of films has led to the impression that baccarat is a very complicated game played almost exclusively by the high rollers of the gambling world. Now that baccarat is available at most online casinos and can also often be played in the free play mode, it has become very clear that our previous ideas about this particular casino game are nonsense. The rules of baccarat are perhaps a little complicated but only the dealer needs to know the rules. There are only two hands in a game of baccarat and all the player needs to do is predict which of those two hands will win. It really is as easy as that. There is another reason why the free online casino has proved so popular of course and that is that it is great fun to try new games free of charge. Even the slots can be played free at most online casinos because they know we will soon want to play for real.