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Always take advantage of the free online casino option when it is available

By admin on 2018-11-06 15:20:52

Before the advent of online casinos the number of people in Ireland who were able to enjoy playing casino games was actually quite small. We have never had many real casinos and those that we have tend to be concentrated in our large towns and cities. Gambling on sports and sporting events was far easier because of the much greater number of betting shops but again they are situated in the bigger urban areas. The introduction of online casinos which could be accessed by anyone with a PC, laptop or even a mobile phone therefore had a huge influence on the potential audience for playing casino games because for the first time our widespread rural communities were able to play without needing to make a special journey into town. Most of the casino games we can now play at our online casinos are of course slots games in various forms, and most of these require very little experience and are relatively easy to play, but some of the more traditional casino games may require a bit more thought particularly for those who may never have been to a real casino. That is why the free online casino option has been so important in the development of the online casino sector because it enabled new players to learn new games without risking their hard earned money in the process. Here in Ireland of course even those of us who were fortunate enough to have relatively easy access to one of our real casinos may not have had the opportunity to play some of the traditional casino games now available online. Our casinos are all relatively small in comparison with many other countries and the range of casino games they were able to offer was also very limited due to lack of floor space. Popular traditional casino games such as baccarat, craps and backgammon were simply not available in our casinos, nor were many of us able to play poker on a regular basis. All of these traditional casino games are available in most of the bigger casinos on the continent of Europe and of course in America but rarely here in Ireland. Here at we have used a large part of this site to detail the rules of all these casino games in order to help our readers learn how to play but we are also very aware that there is substitute for actually playing the game and gaining hands on experience. The free online casino option is therefore undoubtedly the best way to learn a new game and we would always advise our readers to take advantage of this option whenever it is available.

All the online casinos on our recommended list offer the free online casino option on most of their casino games, including most of the slots and video slots so there is no excuse for losing money because you did not understand how to play the game. The free play option is there primarily as a learning aid, but it is also a great way to have a bit of fun playing casino games without needing to risk any money at all. One unintended consequence of the introduction of the free play option however has been the explosion of some of the myths surrounding one or two of the traditional casino games we have not been able to play before. The game of baccarat for example has established a reputation for being a complicated game played only by a few high rollers in back rooms away from the main floor of the casino. It is often true that baccarat is played away from the main floor of some casinos, and it is also true that the actual rules of baccarat are also a little complicated, but unless you are determined to take on the dealer’s role you do not actually need to know the rules of the game. Playing baccarat, particularly when playing at an online casino only requires the player to choose which of just two hands will win each game. Apart from the rare chance of the hands being tied, a situation which is rarely backed by experienced players, playing baccarat is no more difficult than calling the toss of a coin. Clearly the debunking of myths about certain casino games was not the primary purpose of the introduction of the free online casino option but it has nevertheless encouraged more of us to have a go rather than ignore them on false grounds.

Very few of the traditional casino games we can now access on the online casino sites require much in the way of teaching in order to play successfully, but backgammon and poker are probably the most obvious exceptions. Although the game of backgammon is still a game of chance because it relies on the toss of two dice to determine the number of moves each player can use, the best and most successful players are those who know the most effective way to move the checkers around the board. It is a game well known to favour experienced players in the long run and therefore an ideal candidate for use of the free play facility. Poker, particularly Texas Hold’em poker is another traditional casino game which is generally recognised to favour experience in the long run and we would always advise potential new poker players to take advantage of the free play option before venturing onto one of the more serious online poker platforms. In addition to the free online casino option almost every online casino offers a full range of different poker formats and they can all be played against the house for fixed odds and very low stakes. Poker can be a very expensive game to learn in the early stages so any assistance you can get is not only worthwhile but an intelligent approach to starting out in the world on online casino gambling. These more complicated games are the most obvious candidates for the use of the free play option but some of the new slots games can also benefit from a few free spins. If the option is there, use it.