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By admin on 2018-07-01 12:18:49

When we first started to carry out our regular online casino reviews here at, there were not that many online casino sites accessible to casino games players here in Ireland. In fact all the online casino site were simply part of the much bigger online sports gambling sites operated by the leading bookmakers. When the idea of being able to place bets on horse racing or indeed any other sporting events via the internet rather than through the local betting shop first became a reality, it was the big bookmakers who invested the money to make it possible. Having done that and proved that the idea of gambling online was popular among their existing customers, they started to look for other ways to maximise returns on that investment, and decided to introduce a few gambling games on their sites to encourage those online customers to spend more time on their site and of course hopefully spend more money. What actually happened was that they found that they had inadvertently tapped into a whole new customer base, and consequently the online casino as we know it today became a reality. Both the online sports gambling sites and their associated online casinos rapidly grew in popularity among both their existing customer base and among a new group of gambling fans attracted to the idea of being able to play casino games online. Clearly placing sporting bets or playing casino games online from the comfort of our own homes was far more convenient that having to visit a betting shop or a real casino, but that was not the only reason why they were a big success. In fact many observers would argue that the primary reason why many of us began to gamble online was the huge range of gambling options the online gambling sites operated by the bookmakers provided. The range of sports covered by the online gambling sites was huge compared to what was available through your average betting shop, and as far as the choice of casino games was concerned the difference was absolutely staggering. Most of the online casino sites expanded very rapidly indeed and were soon offering well in excess of a hundred different games with some even reaching as many as two hundred games within their range of online casino games. During those early years our online casino reviews here at were obviously concentrated solely on those sites operated by the big bookmakers such as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and William Hill, all of whom managed large estates of betting shops and were therefore already very well known.

The success of online casinos and online gambling in general soon attracted interest from other gambling companies, many of which are still internet only bookmakers in much the same way that online retailing has created online retailers such as Amazon. Bookmakers such as Bwin, 888 Holdings and Bet365 are all internet based companies now operating online casinos and featuring on our recommended list of online casino sites. Even more recently we have also welcomed several smaller specialist online casino operators, also totally internet based but concentrating solely on the provision of an exciting range of casino games rather than offering sports gambling as well. These specialist online casino operators include the All Irish casino, CasinoCasino and CasinoLand among others, but we will come back to those later in this article. As far as the online casinos operated by the big bookmakers are concerned they are all clearly well managed and secure sites and they all also offer a comprehensive range of excellent casino games. In Ireland Paddy Power is probably the most well-known bookmaker because of the presence of so many of their betting shops on our high streets, and their online casino site is therefore also one of the most popular among Irish casino games fans. Ladbrokes also have a big presence on our high streets, and again their online casino is also very popular in Ireland. As the name suggests one of the newer entrants to the online casino sector is also targeted specifically at the Irish market, and the All Irish casino is rapidly establishing a dedicated following over here. The All Irish casino features casino games supplied by a different casino software company, NetEntertainment, and therefore offers many games which are exclusive to the All Irish casino site. Another interesting feature of the All Irish casino is the option to play casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat streamed live from a real casino on the island of Malta. This is the sort of innovation that has resulted from the introduction of the smaller specialist online casino sites, but they have also provided us with a much broader range of casino games, particularly the slots and video slots. They have done this by using different casino software companies and moving away from the original model in which most of the games offered on a particular site were all supplied by the same software company. Some such as CasinoLand, instacasino and Yako now even offer casino games supplied by several different suppliers on the same site. If you are looking for a different selection of casino slots games, it is well worth paying a visit to one or more of these newer specialist online casinos. Most people who have begun to enjoy playing casino games at an online casino will already know that the vast majority of the games are slots games in various forms. There is no doubt that we have all enjoyed playing slot machines at various times in our lives, but there are some slot machine enthusiasts who are almost fanatical about certain games. The Amatic Industries slot machine games are an example of just how serious some slots games enthusiasts can be about their favourite games, so the fact that many of these iconic slots games are now available online for the first time at the CasinoCasino site will undoubtedly come as a welcome surprise to a great many of their fans.