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By admin on 2018-12-16 12:51:57

The primary objective of this site here at has always been to do all we can to help prospective online casino games players get started and to enjoy the experience as much as possible. We have tried to do that in several ways including of course our comprehensive individual casino games pages in which we have detailed the rules of the traditional casino games new players are likely to find on almost all the online casino sites accessible here in Ireland, but the most important is probably our regular online casino reviews. Clearly it is important that new casino games players are able to take full advantage of the enormous range of casino games offered by the online casinos by knowing the rules and how to play the games, but whether they enjoy the experience will often depend on whether they have chosen to play on the most suitable online casino site.  In the early days of online casinos most of the sites we could access in Ireland were actually just part of the large online gambling sites operated by the big high street bookmakers, so our online casino reviews covered a relative small number of online casinos and the resulting list of recommended sites was also limited. It wasn’t long however before we also had access to several new online casinos operated by a different type of bookmaker. These companies did not have any high street betting shops at all and only traded online. They also still tended to concentrate primarily on their online sports gambling customers, so again the online casino games were merely part of their comprehensive online gambling sites. These new sites did however clearly increase our choice of online casinos and add weight to the relevance of our online casino reviews and our recommended site list. Over the last two or three years we have also witnessed the next stage in the development of the online casino sector of the gambling industry with the introduction of a number of specialist online casinos with no interest in sports gambling and focused solely on providing as many exciting casino games as they can. These new sites have introduced us to a whole new range of online casino games, particularly in the variety of the slots games which of course form the majority of the games featured on almost every online casino site.Almost all the slots games are of course supplied by the online casino software companies, some of which are now almost as big as the large bookmakers they supply. Certainly the choice of which casino software supplier the online casino site operators have decided to use has become as important as any other aspect of the attraction of a particular online casino when compared to their rivals.

When looking at the online casinos operated by the major bookmakers and accessible in Ireland, we clearly have to start with the Paddy Power online casino. Paddy Power is of course Ireland’s biggest bookmaker and has a huge high street presence right across the country,so for many potential online casino players in Ireland the Paddy Power site wouldbe their first choice. The Paddy Power online casino is an increasinglyimportant part of their large online gambling site with a huge range ofdifferent casino games. Most of their slots games have been developed by thecasino software company Wagerworks, and many of them will not be found on any othersite making them exclusive to the Paddy Power site. The other big bookmakerwith a large estate of betting shops across Ireland is Ladbrokes, and theLadbrokes online casino is therefore also popular among Irish casino gamesplayers. The casino games are again found on the same site as the sportsgambling options, but that does not detract from the quality of the gamesfeatured on the site. Ladbrokes also operate a very popular online pokerplatform where poker fans can compete with fellow enthusiasts, as wello as aspecialist 24 hour online bingo site. The only other bookmaker with a highstreet presence in Ireland is Betfred. Although Betfred operates only the thirdbiggest chain of betting shops here in Ireland they have a much larger presenceon the UK mainland. Betfred were one of the first bookmakers to establish atelephone gambling service in 2002, and then began offering online gambling in2004. Again the betfred online site features an excellent range of casino gamescovering all the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and pokerplus a wide range of different slots.

As we have commented earlier in this article our online casino reviews also now cover the online gambling sites operated by the internet only bookmakers such as Bwin and 888, both of which offer a comprehensive range of online casino games as well as a full range of sports gambling options. Bwin were one of the first online gambling companies having been founded in 1999, and now claim to be the world number one in online gambling. 888 Holdings is another internet gambling company with a long history. The 888 online gambling site uses a number of different brand names such as Casino-on-net, Pacific Poker and Reef Club Casino all of which can be confusing when you first log on, but there is no doubting the quality of the casino games on offer.

We now come to the more recent online casinos to become accessible here in Ireland, one of the most interesting of which is the CasinoCasino site. We have already commented on the importance of the casino software companies in the success of any online casino site because of the huge range of slots games featured on every site. When it comes to the CasinoCasino site however the range of casino slots is very different. A company known as Amatic Industries have been supplying extremely popular land based slot machine games for many years, but this is the first time these games have been available to play online.