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By admin on 2018-04-08 10:08:49

Here at we have been carrying out our regular online casino reviews for many years now, and over that time we have seen a massive increase in both the variety of casino games we can enjoy and in the choice of online casino sites available to us here in Ireland. The first online casinos began with the decision by the big bookmakers to add a few games to their established online sports gambling sites to encourage their customers to spend more time online and from the company’s point of view hopefully spend a bit more money. We now know of course that the idea of playing casino games online was not only warmly welcomed by the sports gambling community, it also appealed to a whole new section of the population here in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. The online casino sections of the sports gambling sites proved so popular that the site operators began to add more and more games with the result that many of these first online casinos were quickly offering well over a hundred different casino games for their customers to enjoy playing online. Before we go on to examine the individual online casinos we feature on our recommended list in more detail, it is probably a good idea for us to explain what we have come to understand by the term online casino games. Clearly the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack are featured on almost every online casino site along with many more of the traditional casino games which were rarely available in Irish casinos due to lack of space. Traditional casino games fans can now access casino games such as baccarat, backgammon and craps at most online casinos, none of which were widely available before the advent of online casinos. Most online casinos also feature most versions of poker and a range of numbers games based on the ever popular game of bingo, but the vast majority of the games which can be played at our online casinos are slots games in various forms. The term online casino games is therefore now used to describe a whole range of gambling games which were never available in any of our real casinos. The rapid expansion in the range of casino games featured on those first online casino sites also created a huge market for the casino software companies which were beginning to emerge. Almost all of the casino games featured online have been designed and supplied by one or more of the specialist casino software companies which have become so important to the online casino sector. The big bookmakers who set up the first online casinos usually chose to use just one casino software supplier to manage their sites and supply their casino games, but over recent years that situation has begun to change as more and more specialist online casinos have come on stream featuring casino slots games from a variety of different software companies.

The first online casino reviews we carried out here at were all of course confined to the online casino sections of the sports gambling sites operated by the big well-known bookmakers. These sites are clearly still very popular because the brand names are so well known that many potential new casino games players would naturally begin their online casino experience by selecting a site operated by a company they have heard of. In Ireland for instance Paddy Power has almost become a household name when it comes to gambling because of the huge number of Paddy Power betting shops on our high streets, so one would obviously expect the Paddy Power casino to be equally well supported which of course it is. The Paddy Power online casino still forms part of their large online sports gambling site but they feature an excellent range of casino games most of which are supplied by the software company Wagerworks and with many of them still relatively exclusive to Paddy Power. The other big bookmaker with a large high street presence in Ireland is Ladbrokes, who also feature a huge range of casino games on their sports gambling site. Ladbrokes have recently signed an agreement with probably the biggest software company in the world, Playtech whose casino slots games also feature strongly on the William Hill online casino site. Betfred is another major bookmaker with an estate of betting shops in Ireland, and again operates an excellent and popular online casino as part of a much bigger online sports gambling site. The introduction of online gambling has also seen a number of new online only bookmakers come to the online casino and online sports gambling sector. Bwin and 888 for instance both operate popular online casino and online sports gambling sites, but neither have a high street presence to establish their brand so they both depend heavily on sports sponsorship instead.

So far we have concentrated on the online casinos operated by the big bookmakers, but there are now an increasing number of exciting new specialist online casinos qualifying for our recommended list as a result of our online casino reviews. The All Irish casino for instance has proved very popular, with a large interesting range of casino slots mostly supplied by software supplier NetEntertainment. The All Irish casino was also the first online casino to stream live casino games from a real casino rather than from a remote studio. Other relatively new online casinos to qualify for our recommended list include CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino, all of which feature casino games from a variety of different casino software companies rather than using just one casino games supplier. CasinoCasino is another of the new specialist online casino sites well worth a visit, particularly for slot machine fans who have been brought up on the famous slots games designed by Amatic Industries, because many of those game are now featured online for the first time at CasinoCasino. Last but certainly not least we should mention the latest new online casino to become available in Ireland, the Fun Casino, which is another new site to thoroughly deserve its place on our list.