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Online casino bonus offers are not always a bargain

By admin on 2015-09-25 10:18:07

There are many ways to attract new customers to any business but one of the favourites is undoubtedly the perceived bargain. Many of our supermarkets for instance have been accused of temporarily inflating prices of specific products so that they can then announce price cuts at a later date which then appear to be a bargain. There is no doubt that we all love a bargain, but we also know in our hearts that many of them are not as good as they seem. When it comes to the online casino operators, the equivalent marketing strategy is of course the welcome bonus offers for new casino games players. Almost all the major online casino operators offer welcome bonuses in one form or another to entice new customers to play their casino games, and all of them look very generous indeed usually taking the form of a promise to match the initial deposit a customer makes with a 100% bonus. Unfortunately they are not always as good as they seem and are certainly not suitable for many new online casino games players with a limited budget. The problem lies in the terms and conditions associated with most of these casino bonus offers, specifically what are generally called the play through requirements. The play through conditions stipulate how much money needs to be staked on playing casino games before any withdrawals are allowed, and can be as much as twenty or even thirty times the initial deposit plus the bonus. Simple maths tells us that a 50 euro deposit for instance, attracting a 50 euro bonus would require the casino games player to stake a minimum of 2,000 euros before being allowed to withdraw money from their account. If that is the sort of investment that a new player was planning to make then the deal is a good one, but for many people such a sum is well beyond their budget. Remember welcome bonuses are optional and may not be the bargain they first appear to be.