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Make sure you understand online casino bonus offers

By admin on 2016-05-22 15:13:40

There is nothing new in the idea of encouraging new customers by offering special deals or bonuses. In fact it is the most common marketing strategy used by the retail sector all over the world and it works because many of us simply can’t resist a bargain, even if it may not be quite as good as it looks. It is only a good deal if it provides us with what we want, and that brings us to the welcome bonus offers which have become commonplace at almost all the online casinos. Most of these online casino bonus offers are very similar, and usually promise to match a new customer’s initial deposit with a 100% bonus so that they have twice the stake money to play casino games. On the face of it that seems like a great deal, but there are important terms and conditions associated with all of these online casino bonus offers which may make them totally unsuitable for many people. The most significant of these conditions is the play through requirement, which defines how much money must be staked on playing casino games before any money can be withdrawn from your account. This can be as high as twenty or even thirty times the initial deposit plus bonus, so that if the initial deposit is 50 euros and the customer accepts a 50 euros bonus, he will need to wager at least 2000 euros on playing casino games before he can withdraw any money. For new casino games players with an appropriate budget and the will to gamble that sort of money the welcome bonus may well be a good deal, but for many of us it is probably not what we intended to do when we thought of playing casino games online. Remember accepting theses casino bonus deals is voluntary and will not affect your relationship with the online casino if you decline.