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Understand online casino bonus offers before you agree

By admin on 2013-04-06 12:03:14

One of our prime objectives on this site is to monitor all the online casinos available to our Irish readers and to recommend those which we consider to be the best and most secure online casino sites, both in terms of their fairness and data security and their range of casino games. We do however accept that there is still quite a long list of good online casinos to choose from, and the final choice of which of our recommended sites is most suitable often comes down to personal preferences from the range of casino games they offer. Many people register with more than one online casino simply because they enjoy specific casino games which are not necessarily featured on the same online casino site. New online casino games players may also be attracted by the apparently generous Welcome Bonuses now offered by almost all the major online casino operators to entice new customers to their site. This form of online casino bonus usually promises to match the first deposit that a new casino games player makes when they register on the site, effectively doubling the available stake money they have available. Smaller casino bonuses may also be offered on one or two subsequent deposits on some sites, but it is important that any new online gamblers understand the terms and conditions associated with almost all of these welcome bonus offers before they agree to accept the bonus. These terms and conditions nearly always specify what is called a play through requirement, which is defined as a multiple of the initial deposit plus the bonus which has to be staked on their casino games before any money can be withdrawn from the account. This can be as high as 30 times the initial deposit, and in many cases there is also often a time limit on the play through requirement. Welcome bonuses can be a good incentive to join a particular online casino, especially if that site offers the range of casino games you are looking for, but please be aware of the financial commitment you could be making when you agree to accept any bonus offer. Remember they are optional and do not suit everybody’s budget.