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Think carefully about which is the best online casino deposit option for you

By admin on 2017-06-16 10:55:17

When it comes to purchasing anything online we all know that we need to be as careful as possible to protect our personal and banking details. However the obvious risks have not stopped us continuing to buy goods and services online in increasing numbers, nor indeed have they even stopped many of us banking online. Clearly we increasingly feel that the convenience of using the internet for our shopping, paying bills and banking far outweighs the risks. One of the ways many of us lessen the risks is to always use a credit card when carrying out financial transactions online. There are two main reasons for this, the most important for most of us being the built in insurance provided by the credit card issuer in the event of problems with the product or service we are buying. Some internet security experts also recommend that we use a credit card with a relatively low credit limit for internet purchases so that there is a smaller sum of money at risk should we be the victim of fraud. There are however some potential drawbacks to using a credit card for some purchases. In spite of increasing bad publicity about the practice there are still some companies who charge a significant fee for using a credit card as opposed to a debit card for certain transactions, blaming this on higher bank charges associated with credit card transactions. We don’t propose to comment on the rights and wrongs of their argument, but we do need to point out another type of online financial transaction which attracts a significant surcharge if we use a credit card. In this case we are talking about how we deposit money into an online casino account in order to fund playing casino games. The question of what is the best way to fund playing casino games at an online casino is a topic which we here at regularly come back to, because it is a decision which can cost a new player extra money unnecessarily. All the online casinos offer a wide range of deposit options which are clearly designed to make it as easy as possible for us to transfer money into our online casino account, and these deposit options always include all the major credit cards. Regular users of the internet for financial transactions may be tempted to reach for their credit card as they would for most other online transactions, but of all the deposit options on offer a credit card is probably always the worst choice. The first thing we need to consider is the fact that using a credit card to fund playing casino games is actually gambling with borrowed money, something that is never a good idea under any circumstances. If however that is not a sufficient reason to avoid using a credit card as an online casino deposit option, the additional charges applied by the banks to any credit card transaction associated with gambling may be a better reason. Most of us enjoy playing casino games because it is fun, but we also enjoy it more if we win. We know there is a house edge on every casino game, but choosing to deliberately incur a charge of up to 2% on our deposits by using a credit card, and before we have even placed a bet does not seem to make much sense. There are several much better online casino deposit options available.

From a personal data security point of view, the best option by far would be to manage your online casino account using cash. In Ireland both Paddy Power and Ladbrokes allow their customers to do just that at any of their high street betting shops, so if you have easy access to one of those betting shops and enjoy the casino games available at the online casinos operated by these two bookmakers there is no better choice. The option of using cash as a way of managing an online casino account is however not suitable for all of us. Some would argue that using a debit card is the next best option, but although it is undoubtedly better than using a credit card some banks will still apply a surcharge on some debit cards, and of course using a debit card provides direct access to your current account. Clearly we have no reason to suppose that any of the online casinos featured on our recommended list have anything less than excellent data security systems, but there are ways to reduce the risks still further. One of the most obvious alternatives is an e-wallet account such as PayPal or Neteller. Almost all the online casinos will accept one or both of these e-wallets as a deposit option, and these accounts are also acceptable for many other internet transactions. An e-wallet is effectively a separate bank account which can then be used to transfer funds to an online casino account. The advantage is that the online casino or online retailer does not have access to your main bank accounts, nor does your bank know what you are using your money for. Using an e-wallet account as an online casino deposit option has enormous benefits as far as privacy and security is concerned. There is also another form of deposit option which is accepted by most of our online casinos and which alsso provides a high degree of privacy and security, and that is the pre-loaded card. Nowadays many of us will use a pre-loaded card for our personal spending when we are abroad, but cards such as Paysafe or Ucash are both accepted by most online casinos as a way to fund playing their casino games. As you can see there are many different ways to manage an online casino account, but there is no doubt that some of the deposit options are better than others. It is important that we all do what we can to improve our own security and privacy when carrying out financial transactions online, so think seriously about what is the best option for you and make the best choice.