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The variety of online casino games continues to grow

By admin on 2013-02-15 11:19:12

One of the most noticeable effects of the rapid expansion we have seen at our online casinos is the redefining of what we mean by the term casino games. Not long ago mention of casino games would have conjured up just three or four alternatives in most people’s minds, with roulette, blackjack and possibly poker coming to the fore. Nowadays, if we use the term casino games to describe any gambling games which are available at the online casinos we would be talking about hundreds of different games. Clearly the old traditional casino games are still available and remain extremely popular amongst online casino gamblers, particularly now that games such as roulette and blackjack are offered in the Live casino format at many of the main online casinos. Online poker is also not confined to the Texas Hold’em format, and there are now several different poker games for us to enjoy online, including Pai Gow which is played against the house. By far the biggest selection of what we could refer to as new casino games are of course the slots and video slots. Most people on this side of the Atlantic would not necessarily have referred to the old slot machines as casino games, but they now occupy by far the largest space on our online casino sites, much as they do at the super casinos in places like Las Vegas. The American influence is also found in the appearance of dice games such as Craps at the online casinos, along with many other dice games. The number and variety of casino games now available is what has prompted us at to include so many pages of this site to the rules of the many of these games, which we hope you will find useful. One thing is certain, the list of what are now called casino games is still growing at the online casinos and has reached a stage where it is almost impossible to envisage anyone not being able to find an online casino game to suit their needs.