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Online casinos have changed the term casino games

By admin on 2016-04-02 11:33:07

One of the biggest effects of the introduction of online casinos is what we mean by the term casino games. For those of us who started playing casino games at a real casino before online casinos became so widely available, the term probably meant roulette, blackjack and possibly poker. It is even doubtful whether we would have called the few slot machines we found in our casinos by the name casino games because these machines were so readily available in other places. Nowadays of course the term casino games can be used to describe a huge range of games offered by the online casinos, even including bingo. Clearly the massive choice of slots and video slots now available online have to be considered to be casino games, as do the various dice games and other numbers games offered by the online casinos. Here at our aim is of course to help prospective new online casino games players get started, so we have allocated a good deal of this site to the rules and strategies associated with many of the casino games they are likely to find at our online casinos, particularly the traditional casino games which even regular casino visitors in Ireland are unlikely to have had the opportunity to play. We can now access traditional casino games such as craps, baccarat and backgammon at most of the major online casinos, none of which were available before the online casinos were introduced. No article on the influence of online casinos on our definition of casino games could possibly be complete without referring to the casino game of poker. The game of poker has been revitalised by the online casinos and there are now even specialist online poker sites which enable players to compete with other players all over the world.