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The live online casino option remains popular among casino games players

By admin on 2017-07-10 10:07:58

The success of online casinos in Ireland is clearly down to a number of factors, but one of the most significant has to be the range of casino games they are able to offer their customers. When the big bookmakers first decided to try adding a few games to their online sports gambling sites they were also very clever in choosing games which were already favourites among particular groups of people who enjoyed playing gambling games regularly. Our real casinos for instance had a solid membership base who regularly attended their premises and enjoyed playing traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack. The online casino operators recognised this potential customer base and not only provided them with the opportunity to play the traditional casino games which were available in our real casinos, but also offered them the chance to play other traditional casino games which were not available at our real casinos. Casino games such as craps, baccarat and backgammon were all among the traditional casino games that the online casino operators decided to make available on their online gambling sites. These are all traditional casino games which are commonly available in casinos across the world, but rarely in our own casinos here in Ireland, so regular casino games fans jumped at the chance to try them. Another existing potential customer base for the online casino operators was of course the thousands of people who regularly enjoyed playing bingo. Although attendances at our town centre bingo clubs had fallen over the years since the introduction of the smoking ban in public places, there were still a very large number of bingo enthusiasts across the country and they were delighted to suddenly find a wide of numbers games based on bingo appearing online. Here at we have been able to watch how the original online casino sections of the sports gambling sites operated by the leading bookmakers have grown over the years, but it has not all been plain sailing. Most of these games were relatively easily transferable to a website, but the popular traditional casino game of roulette proved very difficult, and for many roulette fans only became acceptable when the live online casino option was introduced. For many casino games enthusiasts the live online casino feature was one of the most important developments in the online casino sector at the time, not just because it went some way towards resolving the problems relating to roulette, but also because they found it more realistic and closer to the experience of playing in a real casino. The problem with transferring the game of roulette onto a website was that none of the casino software designers were able to satisfactorily simulate the movement of the ball on a roulette wheel moving towards the ore-selected winning number. Almost every online casino games uses a Random Number Generator or RGN to determine the winning number or combination of numbers or symbols, and for every game except roulette this does not present a problem. We have to remember that when the first online casinos were introduced, the idea of gambling online was very new and the site operators needed to build the necessary trust among their customers. The apparently strange movement of the roulette ball started to introduce doubts as to the fairness of the games among some casino games players in those early days, and the problem clearly needed to be sorted in some way. The solution was what was called the live online casino feature which we now find in one form or another at every online casino site. The online casino software supplier Playtech is generally credited with being the first to develop the live online casino option, and it entailed setting up a remote studio complete with a real roulette table and wheel, and running the game with real dealers as if it was being played in a real casino. The game was then streamed live to our computer screens with no requirement for specialised computer graphics.
As with most things in life there were of course also a few drawbacks with this solution, most notably the obvious increase in costs associated with setting up a studio and employing real dealers to manage the games. We have to bear in mind that one of the reasons why playing casino games online appealed to many people who had never played at a real casino was that the games could be played for very small stakes compared to the minimum table stakes in a real casino, so that when some of the online casino operators increased the minimum stakes to compensate for the increased cost it was not universally popular. There was also a problem with the timing of the casino games being played in the live online casino mode. Again many new casino games players had become accustomed to playing their games at their own speed, so that they were used to having plenty of time to place their bets on roulette for example. When the games are being run in a remote studio however the dealers cannot see the players and therefore need to run the game at a set speed similar to the speed of the game in a real casino. Many of us are accustomed to the mad rush when there are a lot of players trying to place their bets on roulette in a real casino, but for many new players it is too much hassle.
The live online casino feature operated from a studio is however still a popular addition to the online casino experience for many players, and a few new online casinos such as the All Irish casino have now taken it one step further and actually offer their customers the option to play roulette and baccarat streamed in real time from a real casino on the island of Malta. If you’re looking for the sort of atmosphere you get while playing casino games at a real casino, you will not get better than this online.