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You cannot overstate the importance of the online casino software

By admin on 2017-11-11 09:05:52

The technology which has driven our love affair with the internet is of course truly remarkable. Over the last twenty years or so we have seen our original cumbersome personal computers replaced by slim line models with built-in storage, laptops we could carry around with us, followed by tablets which were smaller still and of course the introduction of smart phones. All of these devices have changed the way we access the internet and created a revolution in terms of how we communicate with each other and with the rest of the world, but whilst the technology behind their development is quite extraordinary none of them would serve any purpose without the software which makes them work. As many organisations including government departments have discovered over the years, providing everybody in the organisation with a state of the art computer only achieves its aim if the software is up to the job. Every internet site set up to deal with the public must have management software which can not only handle any financial transactions, but must do so in a safe and secure way that above all protects the customers’ personal data and of course their banking details. Clearly here at our primary interest in terms of internet sites is in the ever growing online casino sector. Ever since the leading bookmakers decided to add a few games to the original online sports gambling sites, we have not only seen the number of online casinos expand very rapidly we have also watched the creation of a whole new casino software sector without which those online casinos would not exist. The casino software necessary to operate an online casino site needs to be just as effective as that found on any internet retail site in terms of managing the financial aspects of the site, but also has another equally important input to the success of any online casino site because the casino software suppliers are also responsible for the casino games featured on the sites. Clearly the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack have been around far longer than online casinos, but even these games needed the casino software designers to provide the computer graphics which enables us to enjoy playing the games online. The vast majority of the casino games featured on almost every online casino site are however slots games in various forms, and this is where the main influence of the casino software companies will be found. All of the slots games featured on our online casinos have been designed and supplied by one or more of the casino software companies which have developed and grown as a result of the expansion of the online casino gambling sector. In many respects the casino software companies are more important than the online casino operators within this sector, because it is generally recognised that it is the range and quality of the slots games that is the deciding factor in many people’s choice of which online casino to register with. Whilst it is probably true that the initial success of the first online casinos was due to their appeal to the existing casino games enthusiasts who regularly visited a real casino, plus the large number of bingo fans who were attracted to the idea of playing online, most of the new online casino games players are more likely to play the slots games than any of the other games on the sites. That is why the online casino operators place so much emphasis on the slots games they offer and always use them to try and attract new games players to their site.

Because of the growing importance of the online casino software companies during the early development stages of online casinos, the choice of which of these companies to employ turned out to be one of the most important decisions for the big bookmakers who were operating those sites. It also led to the increasing dominance of one of those companies, namely Playtech. Playtech gained an advantage over other casino software companies when they were able to negotiate a licensing agreement with two of the biggest media companies at the time, which enabled them to use popular film and cartoon characters owned by Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Digital Entertainment in their slots games. Those agreements have proved very successful for Playtech over the years, and their games are still featured predominantly on the online casino sites operated by William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred. There may however be problems on the horizon for some of those slots games using cartoon characters, because the UK regulators in particular are worried that they may be too attractive to children and are insisting that some of them are removed. It is not just Playtech who supply this type of game however and the whole casino software sector may need to rethink their design concepts in the near future. Of the other bookmakers who have been in the forefront of the development of online casinos, Ireland’s favourite bookmaker Paddy Power chose to use Wagerworks to supply most of their casino games, which in retrospect was a good decision because when many of the big online casino sites were starting to look very similar due to offering slots games from the same casino software company, the games on the Paddy Power casino site were different.

Over the last two or three years we have also seen the introduction of a number of new specialist online casino sites such as the All Irish casino, and they have naturally brought with them a number of new ideas to the online casino gambling sector. They have also introduced us to several new casino software companies such as NetEntertainment and Micrgaming. Some of these new online casinos, including Casinoland, Instacasino and Yako are even offering a range of slots games from different casino software suppliers on the same site. It would be remiss of us to ignore another innovation regarding the slots games offered by these new online casinos, namely CasinoCasino wwho are now offering many of the iconic Amatic Industries slots games online for the first time.