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Online casino bonuses are not for everyone

By admin on 2015-05-27 10:15:14

Part of our remit here at is to help potential new online casino games players avoid any problems they might face at the very beginning of their online casino experience. We therefore think that it is perhaps a good idea to take another look at one of the potential pitfalls new casino games players might face, namely the welcome casino bonus offers. Almost all the major online casinos and online sports gambling sites offer some sort of welcome bonus for new customers and most of them look very attractive and extremely generous. Generally speaking the welcome bonuses offered by the sports gambling sites are a good deal and very simple to understand, but when it comes to the casino bonus offers the terms and conditions can lead to problems for some new casino games players. Most of these casino bonuses take the form of a promise to match the first deposit with a 100% bonus effectively doubling the player’s stake money with which to play casino games. On the face of it who wouldn’t want to accept such an apparently generous offer, but beware the sting in the tail included in the terms and conditions. The biggest problem for many new casino games players is what is called the play through requirements, which stipulate how much a new player needs to stake on their casino games before any money can be withdrawn from their account. This can be as much as thirty times the initial deposit plus the bonus, and can add up to far more than the player anticipated spending on playing casino games. There may also be a time limit imposed on the play through requirement, and some casino games may not even count 100% towards the that requirement. Providing that new online casino games players understand what is necessary to satisfy the terms and conditions associated with the casino bonus and it suits their plans and their pocket, a welcome casino bonus may be a great deal, but they are not for everyone. Remember they are optional and will not affect your registration with the online casino.