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Just how generous are online casino bonuses

By admin on 2015-01-26 12:04:37

The recent introduction of a new online casino available to Irish casino games players has focused our attention once again on the question of online casino bonuses. Under the name of the No Bonus casino this new online casino site has decided to dispense with all bonus offers completely, and to reward both new and existing customers with cash back deals based on the size of their account deposits. We don’t propose to comment on the details of this offer in this article, we will leave that to a later date, but we do think that it is worth having another look at the concept of the welcome bonuses offered by most of the other online casinos. Almost all of these welcome bonus offers take the form of a promise to match the first online casino deposit with a 100% bonus, which effectively doubles the stake money the customer has to play their casino games. On the face of it that seems a pretty good deal, but unfortunately there are some very important terms and conditions associated with all of these bonus offers which can cause considerable problems for some new online casino games players who have not fully understood the requirements. The most important of these conditions is what is termed the play-through requirements. This defines how much money needs to be staked on playing the casino games before any money can be withdrawn from the account, and is commonly set at up to thirty times the initial deposit plus the bonus. There may also be a time limit on satisfying the play-through requirement, and even a restriction on which casino games qualify. It is essential that any new casino games player considering accepting one of these welcome bonuses is absolutely clear that they can comfortably satisfy the play-through requirements without compromising their budget. If they can then then these bonuses are as generous as they appear.