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The casino software is still the most important element of any online casino

By admin on 2017-08-19 09:59:01

Anyone who is a regular visitor to this site here at will know that we enjoy looking back at the history of gambling, particularly the gambling games which now form an integral part of the range of casino games we find at our modern online casinos. Perhaps we should also consider how the historians of the future will look back at the technological revolution and the growth of computer technology we have witnessed over the last few years. Computers and the internet are now an integral part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. Very few of our workplaces are without some form of computer technology, and most of us also have access to the internet in our homes and even through our mobile phones. It is this widespread personal access to the internet which has led to the increasing influence of the internet on how we use our leisure time away from the workplace, including of course the online casinos we enjoy so much. However it is not just the advances in computer technology which have created the conditions that have led to the increasing influence of the internet on our leisure time, it is also the skills of the software developers without whom none of it would be possible. Whether you are dealing with an online retailer, your bank or any other online agency, their websites would be totally useless without good management software to run them. When it comes to online casinos however, the quality of the casino software is even more important because not only is the software required to manage the financial aspects of the site efficiently and securely, the casino software designers are also responsible for all the casino games on the site. In truth it is the casino software that has the greatest influence in the success of any online casino site. The first introduction to what we now call online casinos came about when the big bookmakers decided to add a few gambling games to their already established online sports gambling sites. Not only was that the first step towards a whole new gambling sector, it was also the catalyst for the increasing importance of the casino software companies within that sector some of which have been able to establish a near dominant position in the market. The decision of the online sports gambling site operators to allocate part of their sites to enable their customers to play casino games as well as place their sporting bets online meant that a totally new form of software was required. Some of the first casino games introduced on the new online casino sites did not require a design input from the casino software suppliers because they were traditional well established casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, but they still needed attractive computer graphics to appeal to the players. Over the years however we have seen a massive increase in the number of casino games offered by all the online casinos, and the majority of these new casino games are slots games in a variety of formats. It is these slots games which are totally dependent on the flair and skill of the casino software designers, and it has to be said are also the deciding factor for most online casino games players when choosing their favourite online casino site. It is therefore almost impossible to overstate the importance of the casino software supplier in the success or failure of any online casino site.

The most dominant online casino software supplier in the sector is undoubtedly Playtech, who currently supply casino games to William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred all of whom operate online casinos as part of their online sports gambling sites. Most observers put the success of Playtech down to their licensing agreements with Marvel Entertainment and Paramount Digital Entertainment, which enabled them to design slots games based on popular cartoon and film characters which of course meant that they were able to offer exclusive games which could not be supplied by other casino software companies. From the point of view of the casino games players however the dominance of one casino software supplier meant that many of the first online casino sites started to look and feel very similar. Fortunately there were other excellent casino software suppliers able to respond to the increasing need for new and exciting online casino games, one of which is Wagerworks. Wagerworks is important for Irish casino games fans because they are the casino software suppliers to our biggest bookmaker Paddy Power. The choice of Wagerworks to supply their casino software was a good move for Paddy Power because it enabled them to offer many casino games which were not available on other online casino sites. Nowadays of course the online casino scene is no longer dominated by the big bookmakers, and we now have access to a whole new group of specialist online casinos which are totally committed to providing exciting casino games and do not offer any other gambling options. The importance of the casino software is however still very much to the fore. The All Irish casino for instance has chosen to use the Swedish casino software supplier NetEntertainment to supply their casino games, whereas some of the other specialist online casino site operators have decided to offer a mix of casino games from a number of different casino software companies. Casinoland, Yako and Instacasino all offer a variety of casino games from different casino software companies which of course provides an excellent choice of games without the need to visit several sites. When we are discussing which casino software suppliers have had the greatest influence on the online casino scene over recent years, we can’t ignore the decision made by the CasinoCasino site operator. One of the most popular slot machine manufacturer over the years is undoubtedly Amatic Industries and many of their slots games have achieved iconic status amongst slot machine enthusiasts. Many of those popular iconic slots games are now available online for the first time at CasinoCasino.