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The most important element of an online casino is the software

By admin on 2016-05-02 09:21:33

As we have commented many times on these pages there is no doubting the importance of the casino software in contributing to the success of any online casino site. First and foremost of course the financial and personal security offered by any online casino site is paramount, as it is for any internet site dealing directly with their customers, but in the case of online casino the software has another role. All the casino games we play at an online casino are influenced by the casino software used on the site. Even the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack can be more popular on some online casino sites than others because of the graphics supplied by the software company, but it is in the slots games that the casino software is most important. The slots and video slots make up by far the biggest part of any casino games range, and they are generally the sole responsibility of the casino software supplier both in terms of design and any legal or copyright issues. This is why casino software companies such as Playtech have grown to dominate the market since online casinos were introduced. Unfortunately this has led to a certain amount of duplication in the casino games offered by some online casinos using the same casino software, although to their credit Ireland’s favourite online casino operator Paddy Power have retained control over their own software. Even more exciting is the rise of new specialist online casinos using more than one casino software supplier and therefore able to offer a much more diverse range of casino games from different sources. If you’re a casino games fan looking for something different take a look at our recommended list of online casinos and try one of the new sites.