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There is an ever increasing number of casino games online

By admin on 2019-03-14 11:02:58

There is very little doubt that when a selection of casino games were first put online no one really expected what we now call online casinos to become so popular. Those first online casinos came about because the big bookmakers were looking to increase their revenue from their new online sports gambling sites and decided that if they introduced a few gambling games onto those sites they might encourage their customers to spend more time online and perhaps spend a bit more money. What they did not realise at the time was that there was a whole new group of gambling enthusiasts who were not necessarily sports gambling fans but were very interested in the idea of playing casino games online. Suddenly there was a whole new gambling sector for the online gambling site operators to invest in and that was what they did. The online casinos, most of which were still only a small part of the sports gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers, began to expand very rapidly with more and more casino games being added on a regular basis. This sudden requirement for new online casino games also kick started the online casino software industry, because it was the casino software companies who were responsible for the design and supply of the vast majority of the new online casino games. The success of those first online casinos also encouraged a number of new online casino operators to offer us the opportunity to play a whole new range of casino games online, so that we now have a much wider range of online casinos to choose from when we go online. Regular visitors to this site here at will know that almost from the beginning of the online casino scene we have always published a list of our recommended online casinos on our home page, but that list has now grown much bigger as more and more excellent online casinos have come on stream. The online casinos operated by the major bookmakers still feature on our recommended list but they have been joined by a whole new selection of specialist online casino site operators who concentrate solely on the provision of a wide range of different and interesting casino games. Clearly the majority of the casino games featured on almost every online casino site are slots games in various forms, but the traditional casino games have still played a very important part in the success on the online casino sector, and remain a popular choice for many online casino enthusiasts.

It could be argued that it was the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack that first persuaded many games fans to start playing casino games online. British and Irish casino games fans in particular had almost always been restricted in the range of casino games they could play, because most of the real casinos they were able to access were relatively small and were usually only able to offer their customers a limited selection of games. The online casinos however had no such space limitations and were therefore able to feature a full range of traditional casino games including games such as baccarat, backgammon and even that American favourite, the game of craps. Almost all of these traditional casino games had previously been unavailable for most casino games enthusiasts in Ireland and the UK, so when they became available online we all wanted to have a go. Craps in particular proved popular in the early days because the range of betting options and how the bets were placed was very similar to the game of roulette. The traditional casino game of baccarat also proved popular, particularly when we discovered it was not as complicated as many of us believed. Whenever the game of baccarat was featured in films or on television it was always depicted as a casino game for high rollers playing for big money, so we had begun to think that baccarat was not a game for ordinary casino games fans. Now that we can play baccarat online however we can see that it is actually one of the easiest of all the traditional casino games to play. Whilst it is true that the rules of baccarat are a little complicated, we don’t actually need to know the rules to play the game because it is totally controlled by the dealer or in the case of an online casino the house. All we need to do is choose which of just two hands will win the game, a simple 50:50 bet.

When discussing how the traditional casino games have contributed to the success of online casinos, we must not forget the game which has undoubtedly had the greatest impact on the online casino gambling scene, the game of poker. Although poker has been part of the gambling scene for many many years it had fallen out of favour in many countries, including Ireland because it was not widely available anywhere. The introduction of poker amongst the range of casino games we could play online however, changed everything to such an extent that poker is now unquestionably one of the most popular online casino games right across the world. We now even have access to specialist online poker platforms where poker enthusiasts can compete with players from all over the world twenty four hours a day. The most popular of the many poker formats available online is of course Texas Hold’em. This is the version of poker played in almost every major poker tournament across the world, and on most of the specialist online poker platforms. Texas Hold’em poker uses five community cards plus two hole cards for each player, so the showdown hands can be formed from seven cards instead of five. There is also a betting round after each community card has been dealt, so with five additional betting rounds compared to most other versions of the game the final pot is usually much bigger and that is another reason why it is so popular among serious poker fans.