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The Free online casino option is an important factor

By admin on 2014-05-01 11:03:37

It is now apparent that the majority of people playing casino games at an online casino have never actually visited a real casino in their lives. The question is how have the online casinos managed to tap into this new customer base, apart of course from the convenience of being able to play their favourite casino games at home. One of the reasons is of course the huge variety of casino games the online casinos are able to offer, including bingo and lottery games which already had a big fan base. Another reason is that the online casinos have much lower overhead costs than their land based rivals and are therefore able to reduce the minimum stakes on all their casino games to levels which real casinos and even bingo clubs and lottery operators cannot match. There is however a third important facility offered by the online casinos which was certainly not available at any real casino and that is the Free Play option. Those of us who learnt to play casino games at a real casino will almost certainly remember many a costly mistake during the learning process, but new online casino games players nowadays have the option to familiarise themselves with any new games without the need to place any real bets by taking advantage of the Free casino option which almost all the online casinos now offer on most of their games. We believe that this factor alone encourages people to be more adventurous in their choice of casino games, and allows them to enjoy a much wider range of games when playing at an online casino than was ever possible at a real casino, which in turn contributes to a more interesting and exciting experience. How we rank these distinct advantages is of course matter of opinion but we believe the Free casino option may well be the most important factor.