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No Bonus Online Casino No Bonus Casino Bonus: No bonus - Always 5% CashBack
GAMES: 120 casino games
SUPPORT: live chat function, 24hours a day
DEPOSIT OPTIONS: Credit Card, Moneybookers, Skrill Etc...
EXTRA: Chasback is real cash!
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One of the things that does is to look out for new online casinos or new opportunities for Irish casino players and one of those that has recently popped up is called No Bonus Casino and what it is all about is given away in the name and thinks that many Irish casino players will appreciate the simplicity and honesty of this online casino. Of course even before looking at the unique selling point of this online casino, does checks to make sure that it is worthy to be included on the recommended list and those checks have revealed that No Bonus Casino is a correctly established online casino which is regulated and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Commission of Malta which is one of the more popular territories for online gaming companies and it seems that they are taking responsible actions against both underage gambling and any form of addiction by including direct links to help organisations on the site. Smaller online casinos can often also fall down by not offering enough variety of deposit methods but No Bonus Casino accepts all the major credit and debit cards as well as the most popular e-wallets used by Irish casino players so the homework has been done making No Bonus Casino a truly professional outfit.

Smaller online casinos such as No Bonus casino still is do tend to be more friendly to their customers in terms of personal contact but once again it is important that they use a good casino software and you can find plenty about casino software by clicking on the casino software tab at the top of the page here at Fortunately No Bonus Casino uses one of the featured casino software packages namely NetEnt or Net Entertainment to give them their full name which again suggests that No Bonus casino has researched well and is using a very popular and complete casino software company. NetEnt is, in the opinion of, one of the best casino software companies providing a number of different online casino slots from those you might find at online casinos using Microgaming or Playtech alongside the more normal casino games of roulette or blackjack. No Bonus casino and NetEnt of course provide many more games such as Keno, Caribbean Stud, Red Dog and Punto Banco to name a few which means that No Bonus Casino is well set up, correctly registered and uses a great casino software programme.

What really differentiates No Bonus casino from any other online casino however is the fact that they openly state that they do not have bonuses for new players. This strategy is particularly appreciated by as the site has been quite critical in the past of online casinos that advertise huge joining bonuses which in the first place are only applicable to new players (so once you have joined that’s it) and secondly are often quite difficult to actually get money out of. The online casinos in question will point out that the bonus is to enable you to play for longer rather than to be able to withdraw cash although you will not find that explained very well when they are trying to attract you to their site. When you read the small print however and find that you need to have staked the bonus amount 32 or 64 times before you can make a withdrawal and you have to play with your own money first and many popular games such as Roulette or Blackjack do not count towards the staking requirement or even if they do then for a much smaller percentage. It is then very refreshing to find No Bonus casino which does away with all that.

To compete with the casino bonuses however, which still attract many new players, there has to be an alternative and No Bonus Casino has a very attractive alternative called cash back. The great thing about cash back at no Bonus Casino is that it is very simple and straightforward; there are no staking requirements, there are no casino games that do not count and it is available for all players whether they are new to the online casino or not. In simple terms, if you make a deposit into No Bonus Casino today and you are unlucky enough to lose all your deposit you will receive 5% of your deposit back the very next day and what is more you can take it straight out of your account if you so wish. Clearly if you win then there is no cash back but that seems reasonable enough to If you are looking hard for a catch to this offer then you will need to look hard because there isn’t one and it seems to be such a brilliant idea that other online casinos may be forced to follow.
Even if you are not new to online casinos and have an account or accounts elsewhere would encourage you to take a look at No Bonus Casino as the cash back is always available.





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