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Keno is one of those games that you see everybody taking a keen interest in when in a casino, particularly in the States where the game is very popular. It is believed to have been taken there by the Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century and was probably played using tiles with Chinese characters. These days we just use normal numbers and the draw is made in a similar way to any Lottery game. Keno itself is actually very easy to play, the online version being even easier as there are fewer betting options. The game is simple enough in that there are 80 numbers usually arranged in 8 rows of 10 and in any game 20 numbers are drawn. You place bets on the numbers you think will come up and the more of your chosen numbers that are in the 20 drawn, the more you win. In a live game you are able to place more complicated bets by combining numbers but more of that at a later date; we shall concentrate here on the online version and in principle it really is as simple as stated but the complexity comes in the odds. It will not surprise you that if you select 10 numbers your chances of getting 5 numbers matched in the 20 drawn are much higher than if you had only selected 6 in the first place. The odds offered on a particular game therefore will depend on how many numbers you select as well as how many match and the other complication is that there are no rules about odds which are offered and different online casino offer different odds. Just to take an example, if you select just two numbers and they both come up in the 20 drawn, at William Hill you get odds of 9:1 whereas at Paddy Power you only get 5:1. This does not mean that William Hill always has better odds for every combination than Paddy Power; in some cases it is the other way around, for example if you bet on 6 numbers and 4 come up at William Hill you get 4:1 but at Paddy Power it is 8:1. The important thing is to have fun and this is without doubt a fast moving game that depends purely on luck and you can keep your stakes quite low if you so wish. It is offered at many online casinos including any of our recommended ones. If you fancy a change from Bingo or the Lottery give Keno a shot.