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You can’t overstate the importance of the online casino software

By admin on 2019-04-27 10:09:22

One of the most important elements of any website is the software employed to supply the graphics and manage the site, particularly if the site is to be used to supply goods or services to the public and involves a financial transaction. The management software must provide a secure environment in which the customers’ personal and financial data is totally protected and never accessible outside agencies. When it comes to operating an online casino site however, not only are all those essential requirements equally relevant but the casino software suppliers are also responsible for the majority of the casino games featured on the site. An online casino is probably the only internet business in which the software supplier has an input into the product being offered on the site, and that means that the casino software companies are far more important to the success of the business than in any other internet business sector. Clearly the casino software is responsible for ensuring that the graphics associated with the traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker are both clear and appealing to the eye, but it is in the slots and video slots where the casino software has by far the greatest input. On almost every online casino site the vast majority of the casino games we can play are slots games in various forms, and they have all been designed and supplied by the casino software companies employed by the site operators. The success and popularity of any online casino is therefore more likely to be due to the operator’s choice of which casino software company to employ than almost anything else. Clearly if the online casino is operated by one of the major high street bookmakers such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes, brand awareness also plays a significant part in promoting the popularity of the online casino but the fact remains that the quality of the casino games featured on a particular site will always be the deciding factor in the long run. When it comes to the newer specialist online casinos the quality and variety of the casino games they offer is of course probably the only significant factor in whether they attract enough casino games fans to become a successful operation or not, because in most cases the operators are not household names and are virtually unknown to most of the general public.

The most popular online casino amongst Irish casino games enthusiasts is probable the Paddy Power casino, which is actually a substantial part of their overall online gambling site which also includes a full range of sports gambling options. That is a situation which is common to almost all the online casinos operated by the big high street bookmakers and even the big online bookmakers, all of whom offer a full range of gambling options on the one site. Although the success of the Paddy Power online casino site in Ireland is clearly due in part to their widespread presence on our high streets, their range of casino games has also been a major factor and their choice of Wagerworks as their main casino software supplier has proved to be a good decision. The partnership between Paddy Power and Wagerworks has been one of the longest and most successful in the online casino sector and continues to this day. Many of the casino slots on the Paddy Power site are still exclusive, although some slots supplied by Wagerworks can now be found on the 888 casino site. The other big bookmaker with a significant high street presence in Ireland is of course Ladbrokes, and as you would expect the Ladbrokes online casino is also well supported among Irish casino games players. Ladbrokes have used a number of different casino software suppliers over the years, but have recently begun what looks as if it could be a successful partnership with Playtech, one of the biggest casino software suppliers in the sector. Playtech was founded in Estonia in 1999 and started to supply online casino software in 2001. They were one of the first casino software companies to launch a live casino option games such as roulette streamed from a remote studio using real dealers. Playtech were also one of the first to launch specialist online bingo and online poker sites, but it was their licensing agreements with some of the big media corporations which began their remarkable growth into the major company they are today. Those agreements with Paramount and Marvel Entertainment enabled them to theme their slots games using famous film and comic book characters and started a whole new trend in slots game design.

Other major casino software companies providing casino games to online casinos on our recommended list include Chartwell, Microgaming and NetEnt, all of whom have supplied very popular slots games to a variety of different sites. Chartwell Technology Inc. is a Canadian company which was first established in Vancouver in 1998, but they now have employees all around the world including London, Malta and Singapore. Of the online casinos listed among our recommended sites Bwin probably offers the most slots games supplied by Chartwell, but many of their casino games can also be found on other online casino sites. Microgaming is still a private company, and is based on the Isle of Man. They were in fact one of the first companies to develop online casino software which they did as far back as 1994. In 1998 they developed online table games such as roulette, blackjack and craps all of which were available in the download format, and by 2009 they were offering over 400 download games, together with 200 flash games and the first ever slots game to produce a slots millionaire. Microgaming now supply casino software and casino games to well over 120 online casinos around the world, including Ladbrokes where Microgaming software is behind both their main online casino and their online poker platform. Whereas the first online casinos tended to use just one main casino software supplier, the current trend is to offer casino games from several different software companies.