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By admin on 2019-04-07 09:56:16

During the early days in the development of online casinos our choice of sites was somewhat limited because all the online casinos we could access here in Ireland were actually just part of the online sports gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers. That situation actually lasted for quite a long time before the new specialist online casino operators began to come on stream and create the vibrant online casino sector we enjoy today. Here at we have of course followed those developments for several years during which we have continually carried out our regular online casino reviews and published our list of recommended online casino sites. Clearly those first online casino reviews were focussed on the sites operated by the big bookmakers because they were the only sites our readers could access, so the resulting list of recommended sites was relatively short. It is also true to say that the variety of casino games featured on those sites was a long way short of the choices we have today because there were fewer casino software companies operating in the online casino sector. Nowadays there are far more online casinos available to Irish casino games enthusiasts, and our online casino reviews are therefore more comprehensive and more relevant as an aid to ensuring that our readers have the options they need. When the major bookmakers began to add a few casino games to their sports gambling sites and began what we now refer to as the online casino sector, we could be fairly sure that the site management software they were using to control the financial aspects of the sites was proven to be effective in terms of security and privacy because they were the same systems required to run the sports gambling sites. The reviews therefore concentrated on the quality and variety of the casino games that were available on each site. However when the new online casinos began to become available we once again needed to return our attention to the site management software as well as the quality of the games they offered. As you will see from the number of specialist online casinos now occupying a spot on our recommended list, our online casino reviews identified very few problems in that regard and we have been able to return to the analysis of the site content rather than privacy or security issues.

Choosing the best online casino is of course a very subjective decision, because we all have different preferences when it comes to our favourite casino games. The online casino sites operated by the high street bookmakers are still high on the list in terms of popularity because many of us will naturally turn to a name we know. In Ireland of course that brand awareness is likely to lead us towards the Paddy Power online casino site because Paddy Power probably has more high street betting shops in Ireland than any other bookmaker. The Paddy Power casino still forms part of their comprehensive online gambling site, and offers a huge range of excellent casino games including all the traditional games and a vast array of slots games. The slots games are mostly supplied by their primary software supplier Wagerworks, and offer as wide a choice as any of the big sites. Thew other major high street bookmaker in Ireland is Ladbrokes, and as you would expect the Ladbrokes casino site is very popular. The casino games are once again to be found on the same site as their sports gambling options, but Ladbrokes also offer specialist online bingo and online poker platforms as well as the opportunity to play the lotteries. Betfred is also a well-established bookmaker in Ireland, again with a significant high street presence and of course an excellent online casino site. Betfred was originally started by two brothers Fred and Peter Done in 1967, beginning with just one betting shop in Salford in England. It is now one of the biggest bookmakers in Ireland and the UK with a turnover in excess of 1.5 billion euros. The Betfred casino offers a full range of betting options including specialist poker and bingo forums.

The rise of internet gambling has of course allowed a number of new online only bookmakers to join the sector, and although these companies do not have a physical presence on our high streets they have nevertheless been able to establish their brand awareness in other ways. Many of these new bookmakers have established a significant presence in the area of sports sponsorship, particularly shirt sponsorship deals with major European football clubs. The logos for 888 Holdings and Bwin are very well known amongst football fans throughout Europe, and that has allowed them to become almost as well known as the high street bookmakers. The 888 casino and the Bwin casino are both very popular in Ireland. The 888 group uses several other brand names for their online casino operations, including Casino-on-Net, Pacific Poker and Reef Club Casino.

Last but certainly not least we come to the newer specialist online casinos who do not get involved in any sports gambling, concentrating their efforts on providing their customers with the best range of casino games they can offer. Many of these online casinos such as CasinoLand, InstaCasino and Yako offer casino slots from a wide range of different casino software companies, rather than using just one or two suppliers. This clearly allows them to offer a much wider range of games than many other online casinos can offer. CasinoCasino on the other hand have gone in another direction entirely. There are many serious slot machine enthusiasts who have grown up playing the iconic slots supplied by Amatic Industries, so they will be delighted to see that many of these games are now available online for the first time at Whether you decide to stick to the online casinos operated by the big bookmakers, or you are looking for something a little different we hope our list of recommended sites will prove useful.