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We could not play online casino games without the casino software designers

By admin on 2019-05-21 08:29:40

There are many renowned historians who now believe that the advances in computer technology we have seen over the last fifty years have at the very least equalled those of the so called industrial revolution in terms of their effects on society as a whole. There are now very few aspects of our daily lives which are not influenced by computers, tablets or mobile phones in some way or another, but while it is right for us to admire the skills of the engineers and scientists who have developed the incredible hardware we use on a daily basis we should remember that none of it would serve any purpose without the software that makes it work. Our computers would be almost useless without the necessary operating software, nor would any of the internet sites we now rely on be worthwhile without the work of the software designers and programme writers. Any internet site such as an online casino for instance, which has direct contact with its customers and needs to process financial transactions is even more dependent on safe and secure operating software because their reputation and therefore their business is totally dependent on trust. The fact that here at we have chosen an online casino as an example of an internet site which relies heavily on safe and secure software is probably very understandable, but when it comes to operating an online casino site the casino software is even more important than it is for almost any other internet business. In the online retail sector for instance the software simply needs to display the products as attractively as possible, whereas the online casino software designers are also responsible for the content of the vast majority of the casino games featured on the site. Almost every online casino accessible to casino games enthusiasts here in Ireland features a huge range of different casino games, but the biggest majority of those games will always be slots or video slots, all of which are the product of the casino software designers’ imagination. The more traditional casino games such as roulette and poker are of course just as important to the success of any online casino site, but they did not require any specific design input from the casino software designers, it was simply a matter of transferring them to our screens with appealing graphics, although in the case of roulette that proved trickier than expected but that is another story.

The fact that the online casino software designers are so involved in the design of most of the casino games we can play online is why the specialist online casino software companies play such an important role in the online casino sector. You could almost say that the popularity and the success of any online casino is totally dependent on their choice of casino software supplier, and that is why any review of an online casino site will inevitably include reference to the software company the site operator has chosen to use. Ireland’s favourite online casino operator is of course Paddy Power, and although much of that popularity is due to their widespread high street presence here most observers also believe that Paddy Power made a very wise choice when they decided to use casino software from Wagerworks. Wagerworks was originally a slot machine manufacturer and a subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, but is now a totally independent company concentrating all their efforts on the casino software business. Probably their most famous slots games are the MegaJackpot series of games with huge jackpot values of over I,500,000 euros. Although Paddy Power remain the biggest user of Wagerworks casino software, some of their slots games can also be played at the 888 casino site.

Undoubtedly the biggest and most influential of all the online casino software suppliers is however Playtech, which was actually founded in Estonia in 1999. Playtech began supplying casino software in 2001 and were also the first casino software company to enable the live online casino feature now available at almost every online casino site. In 2003 Playtech launched their online bingo platform, followed in 2004 by their ever popular online poker platform. All these developments were important factors in the growth of Playtech, but it was the licensing agreements they were able to negotiate with Paramount Digital Entertainment and then Marvel Entertainment that really boosted their reputation. These two agreements meant that Playtech were able to theme many of their online slots games based on characters from Paramount Pictures and of course popular Marvel comic book characters. Playtech software and a selection of their casino games can now be found on a number of different online casino sites, including William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred casinos. Another major online casino software company supplying casino slots to an online casino on our recommended list is Chartwell Technology. A Canadian company originally established in Toronto in 1998, Chartwell now has employees across the world including London, Malta and Singapore. Chartwell operating software and a wide selection of their slots games can be found on the Bwin online casino site.

So far we have only named a few of the biggest online casino software companies whose software can be found on many of the online casinos on our recommended list, but there are of course many more software suppliers contributing to the huge number of casino slots games now available for us to play online. Whereas when online casinos were first introduced most of the site operators tended to tie up with just one casino software supplier, many of the new specialist online casinos which have come on stream over the last couple of years deliberately chose to feature casino games from a whole range of different casino software companies. CasinoLand, Instacasino and Yako are all specialist online casinos in that category, and all of them are well worth a visit if you want a range of different types of slots games all on one site. Another online casino with a different range of slots games is CasinoCasino, where you can play many of the iconic games associated with the slot machine manufacturer Amatic Industries.