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There are many other poker games available at online casinos

By admin on 2016-01-27 10:05:02

In our opinion here at one of the most significant effects of the introduction of online casinos has been the renewed interest of some of the more traditional casino games, particularly poker. Over the years the number of people playing poker on a regular basis had dwindled considerably in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, and apart from professional tournaments poker was usually confined to just a few friends playing amongst themselves at someone’s home. This was clearly not because the casino game of poker itself had become less popular it was simply that there was very little opportunity to play poker at any of our real casinos. The introduction of online casinos has changed that situation completely, and most online casinos now offer a range of different poker games amongst the casino games on their site. There are even specialist online poker sites to cater for poker players wanting to test their skills against other poker enthusiasts. Serious poker players nowadays tend to concentrate on the Texas Hold’em format of poker because this is the poker format used in all the major poker tournaments around the world, but there are now also many other versions of poker available for us to play at the online casinos. Some of these are of course pretty well known, such as that old favourite of the western films draw poker. Stud poker has also made a bit of a comeback as a result of the online casinos, but there are other poker games which are less well known. Omaha poker for instance is a version of poker which uses community cards in much the same way as Texas Hold’em, as are Red Dog and Pai Gow poker. All of these versions of poker are now available for us to play as a result of the introduction of online casinos, and for anybody wanting to learn how to play poker they represent an excellent insight into the rankings of the poker hands and how the use of community cards can affect how the game is played.