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The online casinos offer several variations of poker

By admin on 2012-10-04 10:31:58

One of the main advantages that the online casinos have utilised in their drive for new online customers is the range of casino games they are able to offer. This does not only apply to the enormous range of slots, but they also provide us with several varieties of standard casino games. The game of poker for instance has been almost brought back from the dead by the online casinos, but some of the most popular versions of poker amongst experienced poker players, such as Texas Hold’em, can be too risky for many online gamblers with limited budgets. There are however other poker formats available at many online casinos which are less likely to encourage inexperienced online casino games players to lose more than they can afford. Ladbrokes and Bet365 for instance offer a poker format called ‘Let it Ride’, which is played against the house for fixed odds using a standard 52 card deck. We have detailed the rules of Let it Ride poker on our casino games pages, but it really could not be easier. The player is required to place three equal bets at the start of the game, and each bet must be at least equal to the minimum table stake. Five cards are then dealt with three of them face up and the other two blind in the middle of the table. The player then has a choice, he can either remove one of the initial bets if the three face up cards do not look likely to win, or he can let the bet ride. One of the blind cards is then turned over and again the player can choose whether to remove the second of the initial bets, or let the bet ride. The last blind card is then turned up and any winning hand is paid out at fixed odds depending on the ranking of the hand. Most online casinos define a winning hand as a minimum of two tens, but this does vary so be sure to check the house rules before you play. Let it Ride is great fun and an excellent introduction to poker for inexperienced poker players so why not give it a whirl. You can’t lose more than your original stake and most careful players will only lose a third of that on a dodgy hand.