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By admin on 2019-05-29 09:06:46

As you might imagine here at we are all huge fans of playing online casino games, so one of the most enjoyable things we do as part of our aim to help other people enjoy the experience is to carry out our regular online casino reviews. We then use the results of those online casino reviews to formulate our list of recommended online casinos which you will find on our home page. When we first began to check out the online casinos which were accessible to Irish casino games fans, they were almost all operated by the big bookmakers as part of their new online sports gambling sites. Our list of recommended online casinos was therefore far more limited than the one we publish nowadays because there were not that many sites to review. The first signs of competition for the high street bookmakers in the online casino sector came from the new internet only bookmakers, who not only began to compete with the established high street names we all know in the sports gambling market, they also began to include a range of casino games on their sites. For several years the bookmakers continued to dominate all forms of online gambling including the online casino sector, but the last three or four years has brought us a whole range of new online casino site operators who have decided to specialise solely in providing their customers with exciting new online casino games rather than attempting to cover every form of gambling. These new online casinos have dramatically increased our options both in the number of different sites we can access here in Ireland, and of course in the range of casino games we can play. Our online casino reviews have therefore become far more relevant as an aid to potential new casino games players in deciding where to begin playing online casino games, and also far more interesting and enjoyable than ever before. As most of our readers will probably be aware the vast majority of the casino games we can play at any online casino are slots games in various forms, and this is clearly where the new online casino operators have concentrated their efforts. Almost all these online slots games are of course also designed and supplied by the leading online casino software companies which have grown on the back of the developing online casino sector, so it could be argued that our online casino reviews now examine the work of the software companies chosen by the site operators rather than the operators themselves.

Clearly the most important element of any online casino review has to be the efficiency and financial security that the site offers their customers, and this again is dependent on the management software the site operator has chosen to use. Our online casino reviews therefore always tend to link a site operator with one or more casino software companies providing them with the management software and the casino slots games featured on the site. Undoubtedly the most popular online casino amongst Irish casino games players is of course the Paddy Power casino. Almost everybody in Ireland will be aware of the Paddy Power brand because of their widespread presence on our high streets, so it should come as no surprise that the Paddy Power casino site is often the first port of call for new casino games players in Ireland. Paddy Power were among the first bookmakers to offer online gambling and they have used the casino software supplied by a company called Wagerworks ever since the beginning, both for their management software and their casino games. The other major bookmaker with a significant high street presence in Ireland is Ladbrokes, and as you would expect the Ladbrokes online casino site also has a strong following among Irish online casino games players. Over the years Ladbrokes have however featured casino slots games from a number of different casino software companies, the latest being probably one of the biggest of all the casino software companies, Playtech. Another major bookmaker to use Playtech for most of their online casino games is William Hill, arguably one of the oldest names in the gambling industry. Another established bookmaker with both a high street presence in Ireland and an excellent online casino site is Betfred. There is no doubt that all these big bookmakers who operate strings of betting shops in our towns and cities have benefitted hugely from the brand awareness that their high street presence has given them when it comes to us choosing an online casino site, but they are no longer alone in that part of the gambling sector. Internet bookmakers such as Bwin and 888 also operate extremely popular online casino sites as well as their online sports gambling options. These companies have clearly needed to employ a very different marketing strategy to establish their brand, and they have both done that primarily through sponsorship deals with major football clubs and by sponsoring major tournaments across a wide range of other sports. The 888 online casino sites can be a little confusing because they use a number of different brand names, including Pacific Poker, Reef Club Casino and Casino-on Net among others. All of them are however worth a look if you want something a little different.

Having dealt briefly with the online casino sites operated by the big bookmakers we need to look at the newer online casinos which have become accessible in Ireland. These are the specialist online casinos which concentrate solely on offering an extensive range of casino games, particularly when it comes to the casino slots. Online casinos such as CasinoLand, InstaCasino and Yako all offer casino slots games from a variety of different software companies so players can find a much more diverse choice than many of the more established sites. Another very interesting entry to the online casino sector is CasinoCasino, which is the first online casino site to feature the iconic slot machine games from Amatic Industries which many slot machine fans will remember.