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The free online casino option is very important

By admin on 2019-01-29 14:37:34

Since the early stages in the development of online casinos we have seen a number of new ideas being introduced to improve our experience of playing casino games at an online casino.  The live online casino option for instance was initially developed to resolve problems with the graphics associated with the game of roulette, but many casino games players now also enjoy playing other games such as blackjack and baccarat in the live online casino mode and can even communicate with the dealers on some sites. The live online casino option is becoming increasingly popular but by far the most popular of these developments has to be the free online casino option, which of course allows us to play many of the casino games offered by the online casinos without needing to risk any money. Clearly almost everybody enjoys something that does not cost any money, but there was also a very good reason why the online casino operators decided to offer the free online casino option to their customers particularly during the early years. One of the biggest advantages that the online casinos have over all their land based rivals is their ability to offer their customers a much bigger range of casino games for them to enjoy. Internet sites do not have any of the space restrictions associated with a real casino or even a slot machine arcade, which is why most online casinos now feature well over a hundred different casino games and some even offer over two hundred different games. The vast majority of those games are of course slots games in various forms, but every online casino also offers a full range of the more traditional casino games many of which most of us have rarely if ever had the opportunity to play. Those of us who have had the opportunity to play casino games in a real casino in Ireland or even in the UK have probably only ever had the option of playing roulette or blackjack in those casinos because most of them are too small to offer a bigger choice. Some casinos in mainland Europe do offer a bigger choice but it is really only the huge casinos in America that can offer the full range of different traditional casino games we can access at an online casino. For most of us traditional casino games such as baccarat and backgammon have never been available for us to play, which means of course that most of us do not actually know much about how to play these games.

As we have already commented the online casinos do have the ability to offer us a full range of casino games, including all those traditional casino games which most of us have previously never been able to play before, and that is also one of their biggest selling points when it comes to attracting new customers. It is therefore in their interest to encourage us to take advantage of the opportunity to play all these games, which is why most of them first introduced the free online casino option for most of these traditional games. Some of these traditional casino games are of course actually very easy to play and probably do not really need the free play option. The traditional American casino game of craps for instance is not that much different from roulette insofar as both of them provide the option for multiple bets to be placed on very similar looking tables, so it probably needs very few free games for us to be able to enjoy playing craps for real. It may surprise some of our readers when we say that baccarat is also a very easy traditional casino game to play. Baccarat has for some reason established a reputation for being a very complicated game played only by the high rollers in the big posh casinos. Now that we can play baccarat at most online casinos in the free play mode we are beginning to realise that it really does not warrant that sort of reputation. It is clearly true that the rules of baccarat are a little complicated, but the players do not actually need to know those rules particularly if they are playing online. Each game of baccarat comprises just two hands being dealt and the whole game is managed by the dealer who is the only one who needs to know the rules. As players all we need to do is predict which of the two hands will win. Although a tie is possible it is rarely backed by serious baccarat players, so the game is actually no more complicated than playing a game of Hi/Lo dice or even calling the toss of a coin.

Some of the other traditional casino games we can now access at an online casino do however require a bit of practice before we can play them successfully. The game of backgammon for example does require some skill and experience before you become proficient at moving the checkers around the backgammon board according to the moves defined by the throw of the dice. Then of course we come to one of the most popular of all the traditional casino games we can now play online, the game of poker. Poker is probably one of the oldest of all the traditional casino games, but playing poker had almost gone out of fashion before being revived by the introduction of online casinos and specialist online poker sites. Most of us are aware of the 5-card draw format of poker because it was often featured in our favourite westerns at the cinema, but nowadays most serious poker players concentrate on the Texas Hold’em version of poker which is an entirely different type of game. Texas Hold’em poker uses five of what are called community cards that are dealt face up into the middle of the table and can be used by all the players alongside their two hole cards to make up their best showdown hand at the end of each game. The use of these community cards changes the whole concept of what is a good hand compared to 5-card draw, and new players would be advised to use the free play option before gambling any money.