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The casino software is so important to every online casino

By admin on 2018-08-18 12:31:59

The online casino scene was started by the big bookmakers when they began to add a few casino games onto their established online sports gambling sites. Since then we have seen more and more new online casinos come on stream including many specialist sites with no connections to sports gambling or to any of the big bookmakers. This expansion in the number of online casinos and the increasing number of casino games featured by those online casinos has also been accompanied by the growth of another related business sector specialising in the casino software necessary to create and manage those sites. The one common factor as far as every internet site which deals with the public is concerned is that they all require efficient financial and operating software to manage the site and provide the security necessary to protect their customers’ data. Those requirements concerning the management software clearly also apply to operating an online casino, but the online casino software companies also have a very significant input into the casino games featured on every online casino site. The traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and poker obviously do not require any design input from anybody because they are well established and their rules are well known and understood, but even these casino games need appropriate casino software to ensure that they are playable online. The quality of the graphics used to illustrate all the casino games featured on our online casinos for instance is just as important in the level of our enjoyment of playing those games as the excitement of the games themselves. It is the casino software companies who are responsible for ensuring that all these traditional casino games are presented as attractively as possible on our screens, and  it has to be said that some are better than others in that regard. While we are on the subject of the influence of the casino software companies on our enjoyment of the traditional casino games, we should also congratulate the software designers on their response to the early problems relating to the game of roulette. It was one of the major online casino software companies, namely Playtech who are usually credited with being the first to develop the software which allowed casino games such as roulette to be streamed live to our screens from a remote studio using real dealers and a real roulette wheel. This development allowed the online casino operators to offer us what we now refer to as the live casino option which means that we can enjoy playing roulette without the distraction of the usual erratic graphics associated with illustrating the movement of the ball on the virtual roulette wheel. Having commented on the contributions made by the casino software designers to our enjoyment of the traditional casino games, we need to stress that it is in the slots games where the input of the casino software companies is most apparent. The slots games make up by far the biggest proportion of the casino games we can play online, and they are all designed and supplied by the online casino software companies.

The fact that most observers also believe that it is the slots games which define which online casino most of us choose to register with illustrates perfectly how important the casino software designers are to the success of any particular online casino. When online casinos first began to become widely available, they were all operated by the big bookmakers and the casino operating software and most of the slots games were supplied by just one casino software company. Paddy Power for instance have always used casino software supplied by a company called Wagerworks, and still do because it has proved to be avery successful partnership. The biggest casino software company is of course Playtech, and their software and casino slots can be found at the William Hill casino, Bet365 and Betfred. Recently Ladbrokes have also begun to feature slots games supplied by Playtech, further expanding their influence on the online casino sector as a whole. The prime reason why Playtech became such a dominant force in the industry was that very early on in the development of the online casino sector they were able to negotiate licensing agreements with two of the major worldwide media companies, Paramount and Marvel, which allowed them to feature characters from popular films and comics in their slots games. The William Hill casino in particular benefitted from being able to feature slots games supplied by Playtech.

Since those early days the online casino sector has seen many changes, not least of which is the arrival on the scene of smaller specialist online casino operators such as the All Irish casino. These new online casinos have also introduced us a range of slots games from different casino software companies. In the case of the All Irish casino the software and most of the slots games are supplied by the Swedish casino software company NetEntertainment or NetEnt for short. The slots games featured on the All Irish casino have proved very popular, and the NetEnt graphics are considered among the best in the business. The newer specialist online casinos have also introduced us to the idea of offering casino slots games from a number of different casino software companies on the same site. CasinoLand, Yako and Instacasino all feature slots games from a range of different casino software suppliers including another major software supplier Microgaming. Microgaming is probably best known for some of the big jackpot slots such as MajorMillions, but they also supply excellent online poker software and their casino software is used by online casinos around the world. There is no doubt about the importance of the slots in the success of any online casino, but in recognition of the fact that a large number of people were huge fans of exciting slot machine games before online casinos began to take over, we should point out that another of the newer online casinos, the CasinoCasino site now features many of the iconic slot machine games supplied by Amatic Industries. Clearly another step in the move towards greater choice.