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Texas Hold’em is the top online casino poker format

By admin on 2013-07-31 08:59:42

The online casinos have been responsible for reintroducing a number of the old traditional casino games and making them available to their online casino customers, but there is no doubt that the most successful of all of these games is poker. On this side of the Atlantic poker was rarely available at any of our land based casinos, apart from the occasional poker tournament and the game consequently almost faded from our consciousness. Yes there were major poker tournaments including the Irish Open which continued to be successful among the serious diehard poker enthusiasts, but for most of us the opportunity to play any form of poker was rare indeed. Nowadays however there are several versions of poker offered by most online casinos within their casino games ranges, although the favourite poker format is apparently still Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em has for many years been the version of poker played at poker tournaments around the world, but it has now clearly been established as the favourite even amongst new online poker players. The appeal of Texas Hold’em poker lies in the use of five community cards dealt face up in the middle of the table in addition to the two cards dealt to each player face down, making seven cards available to each player from which to make their best five card hand and thereby improving the potential ranking of each hand in the game. There are also multiple betting rounds during each hand, leading to substantially bigger pots than most other versions of poker, although this can also be a danger for some online poker players who may be tempted to exceed their budget to stay in the game. We have detailed all the rules of Texas Hold’em poker in our casino games pages, including how and when the betting rounds take place, and would advise any of our readers who would like to try playing Texas Hold’em online to make sure they thoroughly understand how the game is played before playing for real money.