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Roulette is the most played and most simple of casino games

By admin on 2011-03-21 14:13:59

Roulette is without doubt the most played game in land based or online casinos and for the very good reason that it requires no skill or knowledge or strategy; it is a game of simple and straight forward luck. Playing roulette is as simple as it can be and all you need to know is how to place your bets and if you are completely new to roulette, the roulette table can look a bit complicated but it is in fact pretty simple and with the online version you do not need to worry about other people placing bets on top of yours; you can find full instructions in our page on roulette. Your first decision is whether you are going to play for high odds or low odds; the high odds bets are those placed on a single number which pays out at 35:1 and low odds bets are those which are placed on red/black or odd/even both of which pay out at even money or 1:1. Contrary to popular belief instead of placing a roulette bet on red or black you could actually place bets on all 18 individual numbers that are black or red and the payout would be the same; this same arrangement is applicable to any roulette bets due to the odds offered which make it both rather unique and easy to play. To follow through on the example, a roulette bet of 18 chips on red would pay 1:1 or in other words 18 chips but your winning stake remains so you end up with 36 chips. If you staked one chip each on all the 18 red numbers and one was a winner you would also end up with 36 chips as the one winning number would pay at odds of 35:1 meaning 35 chips and your one winning chip remains making 36 in total. When playing roulette you cannot go wrong with your bets so feel free to spread your bets around as much as you wish.