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By admin on 2019-01-13 12:19:25

Here at we have been reporting on developments within the online gambling industry for many years, concentrating specifically on how the online casino sector has grown since the bookmakers began to add casino games to the online sports gambling sites. During those early years all the available online casino sites were operated by the big bookmakers as part of their online sports gambling sites, so our online casino reviews and the resulting list of recommended sites was therefore relatively short when compared to the number of accessible online casinos we have today. We believe that our online casino reviews are one of the most important elements of the objectives we set ourselves when this site was conceived, and they have become even more relevant as the number of accessible sites has increased. The first thing any review of an internet site handling our money must include is the efficiency of the site management software and whether it provides a safe and secure environment, particularly regarding our personal data and financial information. Playing casino games at an online casino requires us to open an account and deposit money into that account in order to fund playing the games, and although we can take steps to improve our own personal security by choosing the best way to deposit that money we are still reliant on the site operator using safe and secure software. To the best of our knowledge therefore all the online casinos on our recommended list have satisfied that basic requirement, but they are also on the list because they offer something more. If we ignore all the bonus deals and special offers which most of the online casino site operators tend to use to attract new players to their site, we believe the second most important element of our online casino reviews has to be the quality and variety of the casino games featured on the sites. Almost every online casino offers a full range of the more traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack and many sites offer a number of different variations of these traditional games, but it is in the range of slots games they feature that the main differences between the sites is most obvious. If we are honest it is also the slots games which are most likely to attract new players to the idea of playing casino games at an online casino in the first place, so they have always been the most important part of any online casino site.

The quality and variety of the slots games and video slots featured on any online casino site also clearly brings us back to the quality of the casino software employed by the site operator. Unlike an online retail site where the software simply has to display the product in the most attractive way, the casino slots games featured on an online casino site are the total responsibility of the casino software designers. This is why the leading online casino software companies have become so important in the online casino sector, and why our online casino reviews are often examining the output of the software companies rather than the efficiency of the site operators.

The most popular online casino site in Ireland is of course the Paddy Power casino, partly because their significant presence on our high streets through their chain of betting shops means that almost everybody knows who they are, but also because they have chosen an excellent software supplier called Wagerworks. Paddy Power are the only online casino on our recommended list to use Wagerworks software so many of the casino slots on the Paddy Power site are exclusive to their site. Clearly Paddy Power have established a significant advantage in Ireland through their large chain of betting shops and their often unusual and entertaining advertising strategies, but the bottom line is that the quality and variety of the casino games on their online casino site is as good as any you can find. The other major bookmaker with a big high street presence in Ireland is of course Ladbrokes, and as you might expect the Ladbrokes online casino is also popular here in Ireland. Ladbrokes were in fact one of the first online casino operators to offer specialist online gambling platforms such as their online poker and online bingo sites, a concept which has proved very popular. Another of the big bookmakers with a chain of betting shops in Ireland and a popular online casino site is Betfred. This is a company which started from very small beginnings with just one betting shop opened in 1967, but which has since grown to become one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and Ireland with a turnover estimated be exceed £1.5 billion. Again the Betfred online casino offers a full range of exciting casino slots games plus specialist online bingo and online poker sites.

Most of the other online casino sites operated by leading bookmakers which have become established on our recommended list are operated by specialist internet bookmakers with no betting shops at all. It was of course the success of the first online gambling sites set up by the high street bookmakers which brought these companies into the industry, but they have now established themselves as leading players in the online sports gambling and the online casino sector. Bwin and 888 are just two of these specialist online bookmakers offering both sports gambling and an online casino site. Without a high street presence both of these companies have established their brand through a variety of sports sponsorship deals including shirt sponsorship agreements with two of the biggest football clubs in Europe. In both cases their online casino sites offer a very wide selection of interesting slots and video slots and are well worth a visit. Finally we should highlight one of the newer online casinos to join our list of recommended sites, the CasinoCasino site. This site is a perfect example of the importance of the slots games and the casino software. Amatic Industries are well known as one of the best suppliers of slot machine games, and they are now available at CasinoCasino for the first time online.